This is Why You Need SSL by July 2018 – Google Changes

Ssl google2

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Installing SSL on WordPress” Series about how to install HTTPS via an SSL certificate, on your WordPress website. This is Why You Need SSL by July 2018 – Google Changes How to Add HTTPS (SSL) On Your Entire WordPress Website In February 2018, Google made an…

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WP Upkeep (WordPress Maintenance Service) is Now Part of wpXPRESS

Wpupkeep aquired by wordxpress wordpress maintenance

I recently stumbled across WP Upkeep, a WordPress maintenance service similar to what wpXPRESS offers. There were some signs that the business wasn’t a top priority for it’s owner so I reached out and began negotiations about acquiring the business. Valentin, the owner of WP Upkeep confirmed that he hadn’t had time to followup on…

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What the Change to wpXPRESS Means for Our Members

Fiddler online rebranded wordxpress

I just want to make one thing SUPER clear from the start: we place a huge value on you, our existing members, and really love and appreciate your business and support over the years! So I’m writing this post to you to help you understand why we’re changing, what will be changing, and how it…

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Why Do I Need My WordPress Website Maintained?

wpXPRESS manage WordPress support seo security

Most businesses have a running, functioning website. Often once the website is completed, it is not thought about again until one of two things happen. Either you want changes made to it or the site crashes. When a site crashes, you then have to contact a developer to diagnose and fix the problem, which is time your…

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Fiddler Online is Going to be Renamed “wpXPRESS” …Well, Kinda

Steam engine train word express

“Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” —Inigo Montoya This 1st paragraph is the “sum up,” with more details below. Fiddler Online isn’t going anywhere, but wpXPRESS is 1 of 2 new brands under the Fiddler umbrella, and will replace Fiddler Online as the brand for our hassle-free website services.…

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A Huge Thank You to Our Members for an Awesome Summer!

Img 20170802 162621

I wrote recently about how much we love small businesses and want to help them. And that’s true. We do our very best to help and support our small business members in their online marketing efforts and any other ways that fit our model. But I think it’s an important distinction to make, that Fiddler…

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We Moved to Flywheel Hosting! …And Why We Did It

Fiddler online flywheel wordpress hosting

Here at wpXPRESS, hosting is an essential part of our business. We can’t provide “hassle-free” websites unless we have great hosting to keep those sites online and running at their optimum. So we take hosting very seriously. I personally know a ton about hosting, because I’ve used a lot of different hosts and server setups…

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