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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about wpXRESS and our process

How much do your Member Care Plans cost?

We have five plans to fit the level of care required for your website(s). For details, see our Member Care Plans page.

Is there really no long-term contract?

All subscriptions are month-to-month or year-to-year. You can cancel your wpXPRESS membership at the end of any subscription term. We’ll probably be sad that we don’t get to work with you anymore, but we’ll even help you move your website.

Do you offer hosting?

wpXPRESS-managed cloud hosting is included in all of our plans except the Basic Plan, which is “Bring Your Own Hosting”. The Cosmic Plan includes a dedicated cloud server for your private use.

Can I request changes to my website?

Of course. That’s one of the main things we do for our members: update your site’s content. Your membership includes 1 hour per month of updates on the Lunar Plan, 15 per month on the Galactic Plan, and 60 per month on the Cosmic Plan. If you are on the Basic or Essentials Plan or just need more hours, VIP Support Hours are available for purchase.

Do you need to add a staff member? Just email us their photo, name, and bio. Need a new location added? Just send over the new address and store name. Want an urgent wording change? Shoot us an email. We take care of all that kind of stuff for you.

What counts against my plan's monthly support hours?

Anything that we didn’t break, isn’t a WordPress update or maintenance, and isn’t an issue related to our hosting counts against your monthly support hours. If you need additional time, VIP Support Hours are available for puchase.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us a message instead.

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With decades of expertise in WordPress management, we transform underperforming websites into fast, contemporary, and secure digital assets.

Achieving the outcomes you aimed for through our top-tier website design and upkeep services.

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