How to Add HTTPS (SSL) On Your Entire WordPress Website

Forcing SSL

This is post 2 of 2 in the series “Installing SSL on WordPress” Series about how to install HTTPS via an SSL certificate, on your WordPress website. This is Why You Need SSL by July 2018 – Google Changes How to Add HTTPS (SSL) On Your Entire WordPress Website I recently wrote about the new…

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What the Change to wpXPRESS Means for Our Members

Fiddler online rebranded wordxpress

I just want to make one thing SUPER clear from the start: we place a huge value on you, our existing members, and really love and appreciate your business and support over the years! So I’m writing this post to you to help you understand why we’re changing, what will be changing, and how it…

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Why Do I Need My WordPress Website Maintained?

wpXPRESS manage WordPress support seo security

Most businesses have a running, functioning website. Often once the website is completed, it is not thought about again until one of two things happen. Either you want changes made to it or the site crashes. When a site crashes, you then have to contact a developer to diagnose and fix the problem, which is time your…

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Why Tevya Created wpXPRESS and Why It Exists Today

The why of wordxpress

Starting and running your own business is HARD!!! One time in the early years of wpXPRESS, our power got shut off. We were living in St. George, Utah. Suddenly there was that spin-down sound and everything went quiet, like it does when the power goes out. Jill headed outside to see if our neighbors had…

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