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Fabiano Silva Avatar
Ótima hospedagem de sites e serviço com atendimento . Américo faz bom atendimento
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Fabiano Silva 07 Nov 2023
Nancy Holleman Avatar
I have had my website in the care of wpXPRESS for around five years now. They are professional, and, in all that time, my website has been up and available with no problems. When I wanted to do some editing myself, they created a way for me to do it easily and without having to learn too much furnishing me with a template and clear instructions. I highly recommend wpXPRESS for all of your website needs.
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Nancy Holleman 29 Sep 2022
Audrey Ostoyic Avatar
I have been working with Pat for over 7 years now and I don't know how I would be operating my business with her. She keeps my Wordpress sites going with her monthly maintenance plans, my client's sites are always up and running and if there are any plugin issues her and her team are so quick to fix it. I recommend Pat and wpXPRESS as your hosting company and website maintenance so you can sleep at night and know your website are well taken care of.
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Audrey Ostoyic 18 Apr 2022
RL Produções Graphics Solutions Avatar
Serviço de qualidade e atendimento ao cliente excelente.
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RL Produções Graphics Solutions 30 Oct 2021
Luci Lander Avatar
These guys are awesome. No matter the issue - whether I need a blog posted, or a page modified, or a plug in updated their response is always prompt and their work reliably superb. When I've had the pleasure of talking to them live, they've been very pleasant and eager to get to work for me. I highly recommend their services to businesses of all sizes.
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Luci Lander 30 Aug 2021
Mark Fratu Avatar
Very responsive to corect the problem.
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Mark Fratu 30 Aug 2021
Ellen M Avatar
Excellence in Web Services I have been working with wpXPRESS website building systems for a couple of months now. It's the first time I have had a paid website support subscription (via my work, Boxcar plan at just $159/mo, unlimited 30-minute projects, etc). At first, I couldn't believe anyone would pay for this service as I never have; I suppose I've always had more time than money to invest in my personal websites. I was a bit concerned over the price and what "you" get for the price and was nearly thinking of suggesting to the business that they cancel the monthly subscription and allow me to handle to website. Since gaining the experience of working with and taking advantage of the 30-minute projects these past two months, I realize that $159 Boxcar is a tremendous value for small businesses. I know as I have worked on my personal websites for 100's of hours in the past, back in the day when I didn't value my time, or couldn't justify the business expense with my meager ability to get by on my own web-building knowledge.Still, with taking advantage of expertise, I thought, "Wow, wpXPRESS really has you hooked into relying on them", but I have found this is simply not the case. If you want to learn and know what they're doing so you can handle the same details yourself, simply ask. Three times in two months I have submitted projects for them to do, but also asking them to explain to me how they do it so I can do it in the future, and every time, they complete the project and send me an easy-to-follow tutorial of How-To of what they just did. The tutorials have even included videos they produce as they do my specific project, recording and explaining as they go, speaking to me, by name, and following-up to make sure I am satisfied with their work, everything is displaying and functioning how I want it, and making sure that the tutorial they sent is sufficient. Is it always sufficient? Yes, it is. If I wanted to replicate the project they just completed, I now have the tools to do the exact same thing, step-by-step. So, do they really have someone hooked by "reliance" on their expertise? No, they don't. How they really have me hooked is knowing the value of my time, and the very low cost of their service. A mere $159/mo likely saves our small business 30-40 hours per month (an average of $4 per hour at 40 hours per month). Does any small business really have the time to devote 30-40 hours per month on web building when they're lacking the skills, still needing to hire someone to fix their work? What rate would you expect to pay for someone to come in and fix all of your errors? I'd be comfortable in saying that it would be more than $159/mo (which includes unlimited 30-minute projects, plus free step-by-step tutorials). By rough calculations, it saves the small business I'm working for about $621/mo in wages. Thus far I have worked with Tevya, Roge, and Patricia support specialists with wpXPRESS. They have simply been amazing to work with. They are responsive, attentive, courteous, professional, and experienced. They get the job done, they do it right, and they follow-up. I have yet to have a bad experience with wpXPRESS. Our subscription is a tremendous value! I would really recommend them to any small business, wpXPRESS is a great value and investment for your business. Small businesses, you don't have more time than money at the low rate and value of this investment in your business. wpXPRESS' low rates is a small price to pay, and a solid investment in your web presence. Anyone can be mediocre when you're paying yourself $4 per hour. The world is online, wpXPRESS can take YOU there.
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Ellen M 29 Apr 2020
DeLayna Beck Avatar
Above and Beyond! Thanks, you guys are above and beyond! So helpful and amazing!!
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DeLayna Beck 28 Apr 2020
Tim Avatar
Great company to work with Great company to work with. Fast to respond and always have the results im looking for.
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Tim 06 Feb 2020
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