Why Do I Need My WordPress Website Maintained?


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Most businesses have a running, functioning website. Often once the website is completed, it is not thought about again until one of two things happen. Either you want changes made to it or the site crashes. When a site crashes, you then have to contact a developer to diagnose and fix the problem, which is time your website is down, time you could be advertising, and possible money lost. What if you could prevent or lessen downtime? What if changes to your website could be done within a day or two and it was as easy as sending a quick email? No more worrying about getting quotes for every change that was needed.

What is Website Maintenance?

I think the first step in understanding why maintenance is needed is understanding exactly what maintenance is. Maintenance can vary from company to company, but it usually includes support, monitoring, security, updates, and backups. All of these features are preventative measures for the what-if day your website crashes. With ever-changing technology and hackers always trying new and inventive ways to hack your site, preventative measures are necessary for saving your website.

My WordPress Site is Only Six Months Old!

I know what you are thinking, how could a fairly new site have problems? My site was just built; it will be fine for a couple of years. WordPress updates are frequent and when updates are missed it leaves a site vulnerable. An out-of-date website is more likely to end up with viruses, malware, or plugin conflicts. Any of these could disable portions of a website or even bring the whole site down. This is why maintenance companies stress updates, but ensuring your update is safe and does not run into a plugin conflict can be difficult too.

How Does wpXPRESS Work?

wpXPRESS offers all the features above and more. We offer content edits anytime they are needed. With a quick email, you can get the help and edits needed for lightning-fast service. We set up your website to send through SendGrid for maximum deliverability. No more missed emails. We help your SEO through plugins, like All-in-One SEO Pro and Starfish Reviews, and provide insights through Google Analytics. We increase website speed by making sure your site runs as fast and efficiently as possible knowing that website speed increases traffic to your site and on your site.

wpXPRESS wants your site to be the best of the best. We want you to leave the worrying to us, leaving you more time to run your business. To make all this easier we send you routine reports that help you make better decisions for your website and your business.

With internet technology and guidelines always changing you do not want your website to be left in the dark ages. A website is an ongoing project that needs constant supervision and care. Check out our plans today.

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