WP Upkeep (WordPress Maintenance Service) is Now Part of wpXPRESS

| 7 June 2018

7 June 2018

Jacob Stimpson

Wpupkeep aquired by wordxpress wordpress maintenance

I recently stumbled across WP Upkeep, a WordPress maintenance service similar to what wpXPRESS offers. There were some signs that the business wasn’t a top priority for it’s owner so I reached out and began negotiations about acquiring the business. Valentin, the owner of WP Upkeep confirmed that he hadn’t had time to followup on leads and other things to really allow WP Upkeep to grow, and expressed a willingness to sell the business.

We were able to reach an agreement and started the process of transferring WPUpkeep.com, the website, social media accounts, assets, and clients over to wpXPRESS, several weeks ago. We’re now finishing up that process and ready to announce to the world that WP Upkeep is being merged into wpXPRESS.

Similar WordPress Maintenance Plans

The most important thing to me was making sure that WP Upkeep was in-line with wpXPRESS’ business model and approach to doing WordPress maintenance. Valentin was great to work with in figuring all this out. After reviewing their plans and other aspects of the business thoroughly, it became clear that WP Upkeep is very similar to wpXPRESS and would be a great addition. We offer very similar plans and a very similar approach to serving our members.

Wpupkeep wordpress maintenance

WP Upkeep’s “Professional” plan included the same features as our Flatcar plan, for $70/month. That’s just $3/month more than our Flatcar plan. So anyone interested in the WP Upkeep “Professional” plan can sign up for the Flatcar plan and expect all the same benefits, features, and service, for slightly cheaper.

The “Enterprise” plan aligns well with wpXPRESS’ Flatcar plan. The Flatcar WordPress maintenance plan is $50/month less-expensive than the “Enterprise” plan. So once again, people interested in WP Upkeep, can get most of the same features, plus a number that WPupKeep didn’t include, all at a lower price than was previously available.

What Does This Mean for WP Upkeep Clients?

One thing you can expect is that your WordPress management service will now change from being nautical-themed, to being steam-train-themed! Here at wpXPRESS we’ve selected a train theme to go along with our company name. Sorta like “The Polar Express,” or “The Orient Express,” we’re “The wpXPRESS.”

Other than that, WP Upkeep clients can expect the same amazing WordPress maintenance service they received from WP Upkeep. We have very high standards for support, website maintenance, and WordPress management here at wpXPRESS and you will receive the same attention and support that all our wpXPRESS Members receive. In fact, from now on, you’re a member of wpXPRESS. Welcome aboard! We’re really excited to have you.

What Does This Mean for wpXPRESS Members?

It just means that wpXPRESS is growing in awesome and exciting new ways. Not much should change for you, except what’s already been announced as part of our branding change to wpXPRESS.

Bloggers, Please Update Your Articles

We’re really appreciate it if any bloggers who have previously posted, or are considering posting, articles about WP Upkeep, could update their links and references to “WP Upkeep” to instead be “wpXPRESS” and link to https://wpxpress.com. We’ve noticed many of these articles used a screenshot of the WPUpkeep.com home page. We’d prefer you use this image in your article, rather than just a screenshot of our home page. I’m personally happy to re-write any content you have on your blog about WP Upkeep to reflect wpXPRESS’ plans and pricing. This will keep your content current and evergreen, with no effort from you. Just contact me with a link to your article and I’ll rewrite an portion about WP Upkeep for you.wpXPRESS manage WordPress support seo security

Affiliate Program

Some amazing people and businesses were building websites for clients, then referring those clients to WP Upkeep for ongoing maintenance. We love referrals at wpXPRESS as well. We’re also happy to reward you for those referrals. So if you’d like to send your clients our way, make sure to sign up for our affiliate program so we can reward you for your kindness and loyalty.

Any thoughts on the change? Let us know in the comments.

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