Why Do I Need My WordPress Website Maintained?

wpXPRESS manage WordPress support seo security

Most businesses have a running, functioning website. Often once the website is completed, it is not thought about again until one of two things happen. Either you want changes made to it or the site crashes. When a site crashes, you then have to contact a developer to diagnose and fix the problem, which is time your…

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We Moved to Flywheel Hosting! …And Why We Did It

Fiddler online flywheel wordpress hosting

Here at wpXPRESS, hosting is an essential part of our business. We can’t provide “hassle-free” websites unless we have great hosting to keep those sites online and running at their optimum. So we take hosting very seriously. I personally know a ton about hosting, because I’ve used a lot of different hosts and server setups…

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Now THAT’s How You Apologize to Your Customers

My apology to you simple bank

This is how a company should appologize. I use Simple. They’re an online bank that is reinventing banking. No fees, and really cool web and mobile apps to manage your finances: save, plan, budget, automate, and review your spending habits. An upgrade they implemented caused me some troubles with my card, my goals, and even…

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Props to Costco’s Customer Service

Gascan oakley

I’ve been wearing RayBan’s since they were owned and made by Bausch & Lomb. In the past they’ve been great sunglasses and lasted a long time. Last June I’d been without any for a few months and was excited to find Costco selling a pair that I liked. My birthday was coming up, so I…

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How to Leave Godaddy.com

Godaddy terrible time to leave

UPDATE: 12/22/2011 Godaddy recently announced their support for SOPA. If you don’t know what SOPA is, it’s a bill that pretends to want to protect Copyright holders. However, it’s the old “using a club to kill a mosquito” approach that lobbyists seem to love: it will do far more damage than good. It will lead…

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Netfirms Let Us Down, So We Left Them – Here’s Why

Netfirms logo

I just sent the following message to Netfirms support. I wanted to post it publicly, so as to help get the word out about their supposed “upgrades” which have completely ruined their advantage over other domain registrars that previously wrote about in an article on how to leave Godaddy. I just learned that domain privacy…

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