Now THAT’s How You Apologize to Your Customers

| 13 August 2014

13 August 2014

Jacob Stimpson

My apology to you simple bank

This is how a company should appologize. I use Simple. They’re an online bank that is reinventing banking. No fees, and really cool web and mobile apps to manage your finances: save, plan, budget, automate, and review your spending habits.

An upgrade they implemented caused me some troubles with my card, my goals, and even my “Safe-to-Spend” budget. I just want to give them huge props for customer service done right. For not only reversing my (& my wife’s, and many other’s) recent frustration, but turning us back into loyal customers again!

I’ve never had as enjoyable interactions with customer support as I have with Simple over the last year and a half since I switched to them as my primary bank. And especially not from banks! But in spite of that, recent problems with my account were really starting to build frustration. I already had 2 or 3 tickets open, but was thinking of complaining further. I hesitated to “waste” the time, becauase I was so used to banks not being willing to give up money for anything, even reversing fees they’d taken out of my account. Having worked for a bank, I was even more aware of that fact. I reasoned: “what are they going to do? Refund me those fees they didn’t charge me in the 1st place?” (because they don’t charge fees.)

I’d resolved to tough it out, and get my goals and such straightened out and not say anything. But it was definitely making me rethink my previous support and recommendation of Simple. Then only half an hour ago, I return to my desk to find the email you see above, in my inbox. On chat, a message from my wife:

my wife got $50 from Simple as well

$50! Sweet right? Wanna try this awesome “bank” that not only doesn’t charge fees, but puts their money where their mouth is, literally? It looks like you can now just signup on If that doesn’t work, ping me in the comments or via my contact form and I’ll send you an invite. I currently have 5 available to me. You can also check out the official appology on the Simple Blog.

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