Join Me in a 30-Day Happiness Challenge

| 6 October 2014

Jacob Stimpson

30 days to happiness challenge

Today everything changes!

Shawn Achor’s TEDx video has long been one of my favorites. And though I’ve paid lip-service to it and it’s principles, I’ve never really, fully implemented them. His research has yielded an amazing approach to happiness, that’s the exact opposite of how most people perceive it. We think: “when X happens, then I’ll be happy.” But as soon as X happens (new job, met sales goals, business reached profitability, new house, new social goals, etc), we push the goal out again, and enjoy very little happiness over what we’ve achieved.

Sean’s research flips this on it’s head: if we’re happy now, we’re happy regardless of success. But, we’re also more likely to be successful because of how much more creative, productive, and socially accessible and influential we are.

But how do we become happier? Shawn’s research has yielded some very concrete, daily practices to reprogram our brains for happiness:

  • 3 Gratitudes (write 3 things you’re grateful for)
  • Journaling (1 positive from the past 24 hrs)
  • Exercise (10 minutes)
  • Meditate (clear your mind, so you can stop multitasking)
  • Conscious Acts of Kindness (send a message of appreciation to someone)

4 of the 5 can be done in 2 minutes or less. In all, you can do all of this in less than 20 minutes each day. I think 20 minutes is totally worth it to be happy!

Sean recommends doing these things for 21 days to reprogram your brain. I’m going to do them for 30 (’cause I can be a little slow sometimes). Who wants to join me? I’d love to have a support group where we all track our progress in 1 place and share experiences, support, etc.

Comment or message me if you’d like to join me in a 30-day Happiness Challenge!

For more details and explanation of these ideas from Shawn, check out his “Talks at Google” appearance:

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    • Micah

      I’m in

  1. Tevya

    Thanks for joining me!


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