8 Tools We Use at Fiddler Online – Notes from BNI Presentation 2016

Jacob Stimpson

Today I’m giving my 10-minute presentation in my BNI chapter. Here are links to the resources I’ll talk about. I’m going to go fast. So these links make it easy for you to review them later. Plus, I may not get to all of them, so even those who were there may want to check out the last ones.

E.ggtimer.com – simple timer in your browser

MileIQ – easily track your business miles

Toggl – track your time doing anything, or everything

Evernote – save notes, websites, documents, etc

Inbox Pause – pause your inbox

HelloSign – legally fill out and sign documents digitally

HelloFax – fax documents digitally

LastPass – remembers all your passwords

I created a quick screencast of the presentation, which I posted here.

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