We take care of your website so you can take care of business.

TLC For Your Website = Less Stress for You

We make your life easier when you become a wpXPRESS member. Worried about security or site management? Want something changed on your site? Interested in improving your SEO or online reviews to increase sales?

Relax! We take care of it all!

Stress Less

All our plans, except the Basic (BYO Hosting) plan, include our premium wpXPRESS-managed cloud servers. Both "minimally shared" and dedicated servers are included based on plan level, and you can upgrade your server at any time as a paid add-on to your regular plan.

Concerned about security? wpXPRESS members don’t have to be. We fortify your site like a meteor shower is coming, including regular cloud backups, login protection, and malware scanning and repair.

Hassle-Free WordPress

We keep your WordPress plugins and themes updated, manage your server (except on the Basic plan),

Just email us! We’ll make changes, fixes, and edits for you! Our member care plans make your WordPress site “hassle-free”.



More Cash in Hand

Increase Sales

Our wpXPRESS servers are tuned for performance, and our hosting includes Cloudways' caching plugin -- designed specifically to work with their servers.

Depending on the plan level, we provide plugins to improve SEO, showcase your reviews, integrate with social media, and more!


Stress Less with Premium Security

Here’s how we reduce your stress, by backing up everything, securing your WordPress website, and keeping the bad guys out!

Security Hardening

We secure your website at both the server and application level. Our servers are protected with state-of-the-art firewalls and continuously monitored from off-server for malware attacks.

Then we install and configure a professional security plugin on your site. This blocks common WordPress attacks and hardens your site against uncommon ones. It also monitors your site for vulnerable plugins and themes.

Malware Scanning

We scan your site for malware every day from an outside server (many malware scanners use a script on your own webserver and malware can circumvent these scans).

If your site gets infected, our scanners will tell us and we fix it quickly to prevent spreading the problem to your visitors and having your site blacklisted.

Cloud Backups

Is your site backed up somewhere other than your host? We backup your site to remote locations so that if your web server crashes you won’t lose your backups. We also test our restoration processes regularly because if you haven’t done a restore you don’t have a backup.

Safe Updates

For maximum security, we update WordPress plus all themes and plugins for you as they are released. If an update breaks your site we’ll roll back the update immediately.

Malware Removal

If your site gets hacked and infected (or has been before becoming a member), we will remove the malware* and ensure the security hole is patched so it can’t be exploited again.

Spam Blocking

Hate comment spam? What about email spam via your contact form? So do we. We include Akismet Enterprise spam filtering with every site. Spam no more.

Hassle-Free WordPress Made Easy

These features will save you time, make your life easier, and cause your WordPress hassles to go away.

Galaxy-Class Support

We proactively fix issues on your site before anyone sees them. But if you have a crisis, we’re here.

No Long-Term Contracts

All subscriptions run month-to-month (or year-to-year if you choose an annual subscription). We constantly earn your trust and business through quality support, fast updates, monthly reports, and more. You can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel anytime if your needs change.


We monitor your website around the clock, every day, all year long. So if something goes wrong, we often have it fixed before you or your visitors know that anything’s happened.

Client Scheduling

With our plugin, you can let clients quickly and easily schedule an appointment with you right on your website. No more emailing back and forth!

Edits & Changes

Want a post posted? Need a staff member added? Or a new product listed? Need a new page or section added to your site? Just email us -- we’ll take care of it! Available hours for these changes vary by plan and extra VIP Support Hours are available if you require more extensive changes.

Email Delivered

Email sent by your website (transactional emails) often gets marked as spam or blocked when sent from shared hosting servers. Our premium plans send through SendGrid for maximum deliverability.

Make More Sales!

We offer so much more than mere “maintenance.” We can help you increase sales, leads, rankings, conversions,and more using SEO, online reviews, eCommerce, memberships, and more!

Search Engine Optimization

Depending on your plan level, we install and configure Rank Math or Rank Math Pro on your site. This helps optimize your content for search ranking. If you already have a preferred SEO plugin installed, we’ll ensure it is set up for optimal SEO results. We'll also track and report your results via Google Analytics 4.

Showcase Your Website Reviews

If you have a review system in place with Google, Yelp, etc... WP Review Slider will attractively display your reviews on your site.


We support SureCart, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and other eCommerce providers. We’ll even help you set up an affiliate program so others can help you sell your stuff!

There may be additional charges for eCommerce support, depending on your plan level.

Podcasts & Memberships

We support and help you maintain your WordPress-integrated podcast and also membership sites (paid addon). Build your tribe around your website.

Monthly Reports

No need to check analytics, uptime monitors, or other website statistics. We’ll send you an easy-to-follow monthly PDF report with all of this and more. (Basic plan does not include monthly reporting.)

Not Quite Sure?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Email us and ask anything you want. Or book a free 20-minute consultation with Pat!