I’m presenting at RootsTech 2012 on Family Websites & Evernote!

I was invited (after submitting the applications) to present at RootsTech 2012. I co-presented in 2011 with Penney Devey. It was an exciting and wonderful experience, so I thought I’d try it again.

Thankfully, 2 of my proposals were accepted and I’ll be presenting. I don’t have all the details as far as scheduling, etc. yet, but you can find me on the “Schedule” of the official RootsTech website. Here’s the info on my presentations as it appears there:

Awesome Family Websites: Record Your Living Family History
Connect with living family while sharing memories of those who have passed on. This presentation will briefly cover how to build or buy your own, easy-to-use, private family website. Then it will explore the experiences of several extended families to show just how effective these websites can be in connecting your family. Throughout, you’ll be shown how to effectively use and manage a powerful family website, as well as how to use it to privately share family history stories, data, and more.

The Powers of Evernote: photos, URL’s, censuses, geo-location, and stories
Evernote is an excellent central location for all genealogy research. Store photos of gravestones, record a page with a picture, save web content with a click, record audio, outline blog posts, and geo-tag locations. We’ll cover the basics of using Evernote Desktop, Android/iOS mobile apps, Web, and Web Clipper.

If you register through the end of Nov. you get discounted pricing. So head over to RootsTech.org and sign up now!

You can check out more info on the family websites I provide to people on my company’s website. Or by watching this video:

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