Why is a “Thank You” Page so Important to your Website?

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Today’s question is “Why is a Thank You Page so Important on a Website?”

Well thank you for asking. A thank you page generally comes after the user on your website has submitted some type of information. So maybe they made a purchase on your website, or they filled out a contact form or signed up for a newsletter, whatever it may be. Now the benefit of having a thank you page is:

  1. You can actually track how many times that thank you page loads and so helps you track conversions. How many people actually filled out that form or submitted a sale or signed up for your newsletter. So it’s a great way for analytics purposes.
  2. It also helps the client know that that information was submitted successfully.

So this is why when a client wants the user to submit some type of information, it will always include a thank you page, so they can know that everything went through.

And lastly, a thank you page is one last chance to get them on to your social media pages, or ask them to sign up for an additional newsletter or whatever it may be so it gives them more information of where to go next.

Now if you submitted this information or made this sale, go to our facebook page or our twitter feed and check out other information we are talking about. So a thank you page is very very important.

For other information about this question, go to the link provided on this video and read up more.

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