Websites that Speak Google

Building for BEAUTY instead of BUSINESS

Imagine if your company was building a new office building. Your company is excited for this building because it will finally provide the needed space and efficiency you have been desiring. You hired the finest of architects to make the layout as pleasing as possible and easy to work in. There are large offices for all employees. There is a top-of-the-line gym where employees can work out in the morning before a busy day. The cafeteria is stocked with delicious food thanks to your famous newly hired New York chef. This new office building would also have many benefits for your customers. There are three floors of information for your customers. They can bring their families and try out your newest products. They can buy your widget fresh off the assembly line and have it before anyone else.

The grand opening of your new location finally arrives. The mayor is there to help cut the ribbon and then it hits you—you spent so much time planning the beauty of your building that you forgot to build a door to get into the building. Talk about a major oversight.

This is exactly the mistake Fiddler Online sees companies make everyday. Except it isn’t a new building they are constructing door-less—it’s their website.

There are some amazingly designed websites out there. They have animation and functionality that can’t be beat by anyone. The only problem is they don’t speak Google. Because of the way they are coded Google is unable to understand the business they are and the products they sell. Google has enormous amounts of traffic for their business but doesn’t know they should send it their way.

Does your website speak Google?

If you are unsure if your website was built without a front door, let us help.

Here is a 5 minute video that will teach you how to analyze your website and make sure it is built with key indicators that Google will look for to determine what traffic to send your way.

For further information about how to improve the traffic to your website contact FiddlerStudios.

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