Should I Hire An SEO Expert?

This is one of hundreds of videos where I answer the most commonly asked questions small business owners have about their website. Today’s question is, “Should I hire an SEO expert?” This is a fantastic question. This question is asked many times by small business owners and here’s my warning: the SEO industry is extremely shady because they’re sort of like online black magic, like small business owners don’t know how they do it but, “Wow, magically I’m ranking for this keyword” and traffic is coming in your website. But there’s some shady things that can do more long term damage with short term methods so when you’re picking an SEO company, vet a handful of them so you know exactly who you’re getting. Are they trustworthy? Have you seen their past work, and are they successful because they can become a nightmare.

Here’s the reality of SEO, it’s not the end all. It’s part of the big marketing picture but some people think, “If I can only get traffic to my website then this will do great! I’ll get all sorts of new clients.”  Please understand that it’s exactly what an SEO company does, they get traffic to your website, they don’t bring conversion to your website. Generally what we recommend to our clients when we develop a website, we generally ask them to wait six months, see if the new website gets you ranking, gets your good traffic in the first place before you jump on an expensive SEO plan. Because that’s the other part of SEO, good SEO is extremely expensive so don’t be shocked if they charge you a lot for it because it’s expensive.

So good luck in finding your SEO guy or you can call us and we can recommend a handful that you can try out.

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