Back when it was released, the Grizzly theme on ThemeForest was an awesome theme with custom post types and lots of cool shortcodes to showcase a mobile app company’s apps and such. It even included schema markup to show the apps’ ratings in Google search results. It was also fully responsive and looked great on all sizes of devices. We used it to build an awesome website for one of our clients.

Unfortunately, it’s still for sale on ThemeForest, even though it’s NOT compatible with PHP 7.x (the recommended version to run WP on). Fortunately, there is a way to make it compatible. You just have to replace the code in one file, with updated, PHP 7-compliant code. So here’s how you do it:

1. Edit this file: via your FTP client or a file manager on your hosting.

2. Delete all the contents of that file.

3. Now copy, then paste all of the following code into that file:

4. Now save the file back to your server (or save locally and upload to your server, replacing the previous version).

That’s it! Once you’ve saved the file back to your server over top of the old version, Grizzly theme will be PHP 7+ compatible!

Want Us  to Implement This For You?

Sign up for one of our WordPress management plans, and we’ll do all this fix for you, as part of the included support and maintenance of your site.

Pat Dumond

Grizzly wordpress theme php 7 compatible
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