Can my website take payments?

Can my website take payments

This is one of hundreds of videos where I answer the most commonly asked questions related to small business websites. “Today’s question is, can a website take payments?” Well, of course you can! I’m sure you’ve visited many websites that take payments from their clients and your website can too.

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The $259 Website: You Want Easy? We Make It EASY!

Website for 249 dollars month wordpress

Our niche (or target market) is business owners that want it easy. Business owners don’t want to look at a long line-item website proposal and try to understand what each items is worth and whether they should drop $4-10K in hopes of getting a website that looks good. We keep it simple. No Outrageous Upfront Development…

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Use Free to Track Business Finances

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Bookkeeping Apps For Your Business” Invoicing & bookkeeping are essential to any successful business. This series of posts reviews various apps & options available to small business owners. Use Free to Track Business Finances Is FreshBooks the Right Invoicing & Accounting Solution for Your Business?…

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Send a Paypal Subscription (recurring payment) Link via Email

Pp button[1]

wpXPRESS does subscriptions for its clients, so that we can not only host their website, and keep their domain registered, but also provide updates and tech support, etc., long after we build them an awesome-looking website. A lot of the clients we’ve been blessed to work with lately are awesome, and also happen to have…

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