There Are Always Lots of WordPress & Related Deals on AppSumo

We’ve noticed that the web deals site AppSumo has been giving away (free) or having great deals on lots of WordPress stuff. AppSumo is kinda like Groupon, but they give great deals on web services, software, etc.

Yesterday, they gave a super good deal on a WordPress plugin called “WP Auctions” which lets you add ebay-style item listing and bidding to your WordPress website. In the weeks before that they’ve offered a WordPress eStore plugin for a good price, some excellent WordPress themes from ThemeFuse (which we loved and got the deal), and even an eBook titled Digging into WordPress.

So make sure to head over to AppSumo and sign up for updates. In addition to these deals, they also give away free stuff on Fridays! Today they’re giving away some free user testing, so you can find out how good your website or blog is from a useability standpoint, for free. Let us know what you think.

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