What Parts of a Website Are Critical?

| 1 April 2016

What parts of a website are critical

This is one of hundreds of videos where I answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to website development and small businesses. Today’s question is, “What parts of a website are critical when you’re developing a website? Make sure it has your name, phone number, contact information so that if somebody wants to get a hold of you and give you money. The big thing is, as I’ve mentioned in other videos, when people come to your website they have questions that want to be answered so just be sure to answer questions on your website. Pick 10 questions and begin to answer those questions.

It’s also important to have a clear call to action. You want them to sign up for a newsletter, you want them to call you, you want them to read a certain article or information that has the answers to those questions so you need to have a clear call to action.

Lastly, do your best to make it real. Put real human pictures on there not just stock photos, pictures of you the business owner, your associates, or your employees, and show that you’re a real client in their city. When you show up to their house they’re more likely to trust you because human brain wants to connect with human faces.

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