Why is it Important to have a great head shot on your Website?


Why is it important to have a great head shot

Hello this is Kurt Francom and this is one of hundreds of videos where I answer some of the most commonly asked questions small businesses ask about website.

Today’s question is “Why is it important to have a great headshot on your website?”

Great question. The reality is, when you see a human face, your brain automatically connects with that face and so they are more likely to stay engaged with your website. The other benefit is, when they walk into your storefront, your dealership, your shop, they will see the person they saw on your website. So it already starts to begin building trust with them as your client.

Obviously on a contact page or an about page, it’s good to have headshots of all of your employees or individuals that will interact with them because again, the human brain wants to connect with human faces. So the more connection they make on the website, the longer they are likely to stay on the website and the more likely they are to come into your shop and purchase from you.

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