Should I purchase a yellow page ad?


Should i purchase a yellow page ad

This is one of hundreds of videos where I answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to small business website design. Today’s question is, “Should I purchase a yellow page add?” It’s very easy to answer. No!

Okay, you need a little more information. There’s really no reason to give the yellow page guy or the phone book guy a cent of your money. I’m sorry, if you’re a yellow page guy don’t track me down, we can be friends. You just need to move on from the dinosaur industry.

People, unless you target audiences that are 90 years old, they are not going to the phone book to look for businesses. They’re going to their smart phone, to Google, to the internet and they’re looking for websites. That’s right! Websites that will point them to a phone number or a service, depending on what they’re looking for, they will do that. Do not pay the yellow page or the phone book guy anything.

Thinking of getting Yellow Page website?

Here’s and article I made discussing why you should not consider having website built by Yellow Page.

Is a yellow page or phone book website good enough?

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