How to Get a Basecamp-like Project Management App on WordPress

A company altered the P2 theme to make it look like Basecamp, the online project management and collaboration software by 37 Signals. It’s unfortunately gone now, as P2 has come a couple versions since they did it. Instead, you can try out some other plugins/themes that try to accomplish the same thing:

At Starfish, we use (and love) Asana. It’s an awesome fit for our business. Unlike Basecamp, you don’t have separate “areas” for the calendar, tasks, documents, etc. It’s all focused around tasks. Everything is a task, but tasks can have due dates, tags, attachments, conversations (through comments), and even be viewed in a calendar view, or as columns in a very Trello-like workflow. We really like it. But if you or your client would rather keep your data on your own server, one of these WordPress project management plugins, could be a great way to go.

What do you use for task and project management?

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