Why You Should Avoid Network Solutions at All Costs

| 21 March 2011

21 March 2011

Jacob Stimpson

Network solutions is terrible avoid them

Since we offer hosting and domain registration as a part of our Flatcar plan, we often get to work with various registrars and web hosts as we move existing websites over to their new home on wpXPRESS’ hosting. Previously we told you why we don’t like Godaddy, and how to leave and avoid them, now we’ve got a warning about another popular domain registrar, that also provides hosting and other services: Network Solutions.

In the process of moving one of our clients over to our hosting from some hosting at Bluehost, we discovered they had their domain registered through Network Solutions. So we got access to that account and put wpXPRESS as the contact for the domains we needed to move to our registrar, in order to complete the move. However, because we requested a move through our registrar, Network Solutions put a lock on the domains we needed to transfer, specifically to prevent the transfer and hopefully avoid loosing our client’s business.

Strike 1

Here’s the really annoying part: unlike most registrars, where you have full control over your domains via their domain admin interface, with Network Solutions you don’t! There is no way to just remove the transfer-lock they placed. The only solution is to email them and request that it be removed. Simple enough, if they were quick to respond. Instead their response time was 3 business days! What takes only a few clicks on Godaddy (even though we don’t much like them) or any good registrar, takes 3 days of waiting with Network Solutions! Unacceptable.

Strike 2

To top it off, once we made the request to remove the transfer-lock, we got a response 3 business days later saying essentially “sorry, we can’t do that because you are not the primary email on the account, even though you are listed as the primary technical contact and registrant for those domains.” So now, I have to make the client email the request, and we’ll probably have to wait another 3 days for them to release the transfer-lock. Once again: unacceptable. And the only appearant reason for doing this is to deter customers from leaving them. Guess what Network Solutions? It’s called bad customer service, and you’ll only get the reverse result: clients even more determined to leave so they can break out of your control and overzealous attempts to keep them. As Mel Gibson once said in a movie, before he lost his mind: “FREEEEEEEEEDUUUUUUUM!”

Strike 3 – you’re out!

As if all that weren’t enough, we wanted to check to make sure the email our client primarily uses, is the one they’d send the request with, to Network Solutions, so there would be no further delay. Well, when I tried to pull up their site, this was the greeting we were presented with:


Now we’re a small company, and though we can guarantee almost 100% uptime of your site, we can’t guarantee a complete 100%, because things do go wrong, and we don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to have redundant servers and all that. But Network Solutions does. Even if they let your website on their hosting go down, their main site should never, ever be unavailable. This means you can’t even login to tell them your site is down, or that you can’t access your domain, because it’s registered through them. Plus we just checked again, almost 30 minutes later, and its still down. And I haven’t even mentioned the broken links and convoluted, unintuitive, interface in their domain admin area.

Even if the previous 2 strikes were unacceptable, we simply cannot believe that their main site is down (and they even have a nice little message acknowledging that fact and telling you to call them). Hopefully this issue doesn’t slow their 3-day response time to our request, so we can finally extricate our client’s domain from their grasp.

If you’re with Network Solutions, we would love to take care of you here at wpXPRESS, which includes domain registration (or renewal if you already have one), hosting, and we even update your website for you. But if you’d like to keep managing your website yourself, we highly recommend registering your domain somewhere other than Network Solutions, such as Hover. And if you’re using Network Solutions’ hosting, move your hosting to CloudWays, Kinsta, or Flywheel, depending on your needs.

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  1. Anthony

    OMG, I hate Network Solutions, your comments are so on the money! I just went throught the exact same BS! I have around 30 domains registered with these jerks for over 12 years and they have been raping me with unfair and overpriced pricing. One of my clients decided that they wanted to move their domain to one singular account they have with Godaddy and so the joke began. First the transfer lock for no valid reason, then the three business days to have it removed, then the five day BS waiting period to actually do the transfer after valid auth codes were generated and used from the NS system.
    To prove your point in your comments, I am now transferring every single domain I have at Network Solutions out one by one and boy is it painfull. Those jerks at NS will never see another dollar from me, what a bunch of dummies!

  2. Cortez Walcott

    I saw an answer about the CiD installation that has an option to include this kind of ad junk; included by default, so you have to manually uncheck it before install. I think the guy said you have to re install or along those lines…

  3. derek

    something as simple as editing my domain name renewels is into its 2nd day….wtf!!!
    I dont have time to waste on these idiots!!!


  4. G

    Same situation here. I called instead of emailing and got transferred all over the place until eventually told “…we are in the middle of a system upgrade and your account information is not available, we will have to call you back…” We will see what happens in 3 (business) days. NetSol never again, same with Netfirms.

  5. Society Against NS

    Wish I’d read this before.

    I hate them.

    Terrible support who are incompetent

    Ridiculously bad amount of downtime


  6. Mark

    Never had a problem with NetSol for the 3 years I’ve been with them. Phone support is quick and good cust service.

    I never paid full price either. Just search on Google for discounts/promos.

  7. What the heck

    Try using joomla or ssl certs on their hosting. Big giant frustration!!! These guys suck so bad I want to puke! You know what sucks even more is hiring a poor schmuck to clean up the mess for you. Ask a web developer to help you set up a website….. First requirement Dump net sol or they take a walk!!!

  8. Tired

    Same thing. I’ll give them good marks for security; and for a year or so things were difficult but at least stable. Not too many google errors, etc. although like you say their CMS is just counter-intuitive. I think they basically make it difficult for you in an effort to convince you how clueless you are and how badly you should let them make everything better by throwings scads of cash at tham to redesign your site for you.

    While you might like me have a period of time where things run well – eventually they will run yet another ‘server upgrade’ or ‘patch’ or ‘improvement’ that results in endless ‘Server Errors’ when you try to go to your site, and endlessly repeating by some tech on a cellphone in Uzbakistan how your machine is probably at fault because it’s too small, doesn’t have the right flavor of java or flash, or how they’re ‘actively working’ on some solutions… yes very actively indeed they are working…


    It would be better if they just cared at all

  9. Felipe

    NetSolutions , has to be on the edge of dissapearing, their service everyday grows worse, Im a Premiere GOld VIP customer and its a joke.. they decided to shut down all the domains and email beacuse they are requiring us to change all passwords of all of our customers, with over 2000 inboxes, you can imagine the chaos..

    THese people have no regret for anyones businesses.. IAfter 15 years as a customer and moving quick..

    What a bunch of loosers..

  10. Corinna

    I had the worst experience with Network Solutions after cancelling my account and all related services with them.

    It is April now and my 5th time calling into customer service since January of this year. In January, I terminated all existing accounts connected to a domain, all email services, etc. I got a confirmation number and thought “case closed”.

    In February, I received a charge via PayPal for cancelled services. So I called NS again. I received a verbal apology and another confirmation / case number with the assurance that the account is closed and has a zero balance.

    Then again…an email, this time a past due notice. So I called again. Confirmation number and all…

    Now it’s April and I have another one of these past due notices in my inbox. Calling customer service, I find out that my account is still active and I am being asked if I could hold for a moment to be transferred to another department to cancel my services! I asked the guy I was transferred to for his name and he was kind enough to offer me his employee ID as well for later reference, together with the confirmation or case number. My hope is that this was my final call into NS.

    Of all the bad experience I hear for Domain Name Registrars and Website Hosts, which are the ones you can recommend from good experience?

    • Tevya

      We’ve almost completed switching all of our domains to Hover. We love them. Their interface is dead-simple and easy to use. The only other service the offer is email, so they’re not trying to constantly upsell you, and their support has been great.

      For hosting, we recommend either BlueHost or HostGator as long as you only need shared hosting. If you need a VPS or better, then we’re not sure who to recommend. We’d recommend our new host, which we like very much, but are not sure if they’re setup for taking on new individual clients at this point. They normally work with resellers or other large organizations. We’ll probably blog about them in the near future, if they want that kind of attention.

  11. Corinna

    Thank you, Tevya! I will have a look into them. I have heard of BlueHost, the others are new to me.

  12. web person

    Network Solutions is a trap. Customer service is trained to frustrate you into using paid support. Customer support answers phone while yawning, and depending on how lazy the person feels, may or may not require security verification. Once through an exhausting array of tedious questions, customer support cannot help you. Class Action Lawsuit against Network Solutions!

  13. Tom

    I have never had so many issue with one company that Network Solutions. I was trying to move my E-mail from another company to be hosted by Network Solutions and I have been on the phone constantly trying to get things worked out but spent 6 hours going around and around. I have been on the phone now for over an hour just trying to cancel my E-mail and active sync this business needs help.
    If you want to avoid frustration STAYAWAY

  14. Bill

    Our company has a monthly autobill for Exchange hosting with Network Solutions. We added a new user mid-month and they didn’t include the new user in the autobill and ran the credit card short $8.88. Upon receiving a past due notice we called had them run a credit card for the difference. The next night they turned the service off. We’ve called and paid the $8.88 two more times and they still haven’t gotten our Exchange hosting back on yet. A supervisor was supposed to call us to assist, which has not happened. In meantime our entire company is down and Network Solutions could care less.

  15. Chris

    So I designed a new site for a client and during the process I came to realized how terrible Network Solutions really is. At first I was having terrible FTP speeds, but thought it might be my connection. Well after the site was launched, the server was extremely slow. I have used this same template before, so I knew that it was not the template. I called tech support and they tried to blame it on MySql and Joomla, but at the end of the call they tried to upgrade us to our own server.

    After running some tests from Google webmaster tools and pingdom.com I knew it was Network Solutions. On the Network Solutions server the site our index would take 3.6 seconds to load, and about 3 seconds was “waiting for data from the server”….When I moved the exact site to Blue Host (exact same, just zipped and unzipped) the index loaded in .5 seconds! I knew something was up with Network Solutions but after this I know for a fact they have extremely slow servers.

    The server speed was our main issue (you can’t run a professional business at almost 4 seconds to load – the index that’s only 3.4kb!!) But the customer service was very rude and their prices were out of control. We now pay only about $6 a month for unlimited everything (file space, bandwidth, domains, e-mails…) from Blue Host and our site went from 85% slower than all sites to faster than 88% of all sites… Stay away!!

  16. David Rea

    I found your website while Googling to try to cancel an NS service that they duped me into signing up for. I’ve been on the NS site for the last couple hours and am completely fed up and frustrated. I clicked through their $2.99/month hosting offer, and only by looking at the billing statement that arrived in my email did I realize (and even then, it’s not totally clear) that it’s only $2.99 for the first month, and $12.99 after that.

    Then, while trying to figure out how to configure that site, I fell for the link that said, “Complete your configuration with email”. It LOOKED like it was free, they certainly wanted me to think that, so I clicked through and added one email address. Sure enough, the next email that arrived, in the fine print, indicated that after the first month I would be charged $6.99 monthly for MS Exchange hosting.

    Now I’m digging around the account management pages looking for a way to cancel Exchange. No luck. Lots and lots of links to “add” services, but none to delete.

    In general the entire NS experience is like being on a used car lot, or an oriental rug store…just constant bombardment with attempts to sell me more crap. When I DO buy something I have to click through multiple screens refusing all their wonderful offers for even more services.

    What a terrible experience. I feel like by typing “networksolutions.com” into my browser I’ve invited a team of crazy doctors into my house who are, even as we speak, trying to attach IVs to my arm so they can start draining my blood.

    As soon as I figure out how to cancel everything, I’m going to start over somewhere else. While I’m at it I’m going to change registrars, even though NS has managed my domains for 10+ years, just because I find their whole attitude so distasteful.

  17. Darren (SPAIN)

    I was with these idiots for 7 years, every month hosting account down, but i didn’t mind because in fairness only down for a few hours in the early hours of the morning.

    I lived with it. 2 months ago they accidentally deleted my hosting account with all my clients websites and ten’s of thousands of dollars of costs that i have payed out, not to mention the 5 years of work.

    It took them 2 months to admit responsibility, and get any joy out of them after numerous phone calls and emails. They told me they are not responsible for what is put on their servers even though i have all bills and receipts of my costs and a long running customer of theirs.

    They offered me 12 months free hosting. Now who in the right mind would host websites with these idiots. They destroyed all my businesses.

    I am in the process of legal action right now, and the best bit is – i have been told there are a lot of people this has happened to.

    DO NOT use these idiots and now network solutions are a web.com company.


    • Steve

      I’m hearing that you didn’t keep proper backups.

  18. Patty

    OMG! Network Solutions will NOT let me transfer my domain name to Host Gator!! I have received the following emails:

    From Karla K.
    We have received your request to remove the Transfer Lock on your domain name(s) XXXXXX.COM. In order to remove the lock we must first validate you as the rightful contact on the account.

    – Since your name is registered under an individual account please supply a signed statement requesting the lock be removed from the applicable domain names along with a photo copy of state issued ID or Passport. The signature on your ID should match the signature on the request.

    I have never had this happen. When I called Network Idiot Solutions and explained that they have NO RIGHT to do this, they simply asked ” How can we keep your business!? ”


  19. Charles

    Just to add to the above Network Solutions are this bad and a lot worse too.

    The upsells and the scheming to get you to buy stuff you dont need or want is constant. I feel like they are trying to mug me at ever single stage and I do know what I am doing (I have about 40 domains registered with various other companies). This is by far the worst though there are other bad ones there too.

    Good ones – try Namecheap.

  20. Anne

    Oh c**p! I’m about to try to escape NS. They already put unauthorized charges on my card. Twice!!! Not looking forward to this after reading this article. Too many bad experiences with them. My advice. If you ever find any unauthorized charges from them, do not give them your credit card number in order for them to reverse the charge. They say they need it to void the charge. Not true! Just call your card CS and let them deal with them.Dealing with them is like going to the doctor for a sore throat and ending up with a rectal exam.

  21. Janne

    NS: What a pile of sh*t.

    I have a domain name that I no longer use. And i will not have any use for it in the future. I’m NOT going to call international to cancel auto renewal. They charge from my Paypal account (not directly from credit card), so what happens if I just disable the billing from the company completely? Or do they have some backup strategy to steal from me? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Janne

    • Tevya

      I believe that if you cancel the subscription in PayPal, they have no recourse. However, some shady companies have been known to try and send it to collections or at least hit your credit report with it. So I’d make sure you’ve turned off auto-renewal in your NS account, and contact support through email letting them know you want to cancel support. Have them call you, if you’d prefer not to call them.

  22. Peter

    Worst. Company. Ever.

    I’ve spent 1000’s of hours building a website in support of a hobby business of mine in the field of “modernism.” I would desperately like to move that website to a new host. But Network Solutions (the worst company in America) tells me I’m unable to move my website. I am so not technical at this, but this is what they tell me (any thoughts on this?).

    Frankly, they can’t even migrate my website internally. They now offer a revised/updated version of their “Website Builder Tool.” But, well, I can’t even take advantage of this because I started out (6+ years ago) with the old “Website Builder Tool” and the two are not compatible.

    Hate. Hate. Hate.

    • Tevya

      Peter, I’ll have Kurt follow up with you. I’m sure we can help you move to WordPress, which will allow you to get away from NS and their proprietary website builder.

  23. Peter

    Tevya, thanks so much. I’d welcome a freeing from my shackles. And frankly, it’s just nice to hear from you, knowing I’m not the only person who feels this way about Network Solutions.. If it’s worthwhile to you, the website in question is http://www.MassModern.net.

    Thanks so much for your response!

  24. TMW


    We’ve been using them since 2014 and we are absolutely trapped. We use their email service and for some reason have been charged monthly for “active sync” of which we do not use. Asked them to cancel it over 15 times over the past year and they have refunded us THEN charged us yet again for it. They do not reply to your emails either properly and the phone calls are pointless since you usually have to wait several hours or get caught up loops.

    Also they have turned on auto-renewal several times on our domain.

    We want off of them so bad but are concerned we will not be able to transfer our domain. This is a huge problem.

  25. Alison Taylor

    Managed to (painfully) move my domain name to Namecheap last year, but I still have my email addresses with NS and I have not been able to figure out how to move them without downtime! They are holding my email hostage; I have been using these email addresses for years and it is my main email address. This company is evil but I’m afraid I’ll screw up my email if I try to move, so I’m paying the $35/year for what would be free on Namecheap! Any suggestions? Can I pay a professional to help me with this?

  26. Netsol Stinks

    Network Solutions is a Mickey Mouse Operation. Network Solutions rips off their customers just like Bernie Madoff ripped off his investors.

  27. Anne

    In order to not get charged over and over again for something you cancel with NS.
    Do not give them your card number “so they can cancel/refund” charges.
    It is not necessary. In my opinion:They record your calls. It appears that when you do that they have a phone record of you giving them your card number. This is an invitation to use the card again. Just refuse. Tell them point blank, they do not need that information in order to cancel the disputed so called order. If they do not cancel/refund the unauthorized charges….take it up with your credit card company directly and immediately.

  28. Darren

    I cancelled everything with NS company over 8 months ago – luckily my card ran out and i was issued with a new one from the credit card company . . to this day they still try and charge the old card – they accidentally deleted my hosting account losing all my clients and work – what idiots ?? – i feel sorry for anyone who gets involved with Network Solutions. I told them never to mail me again and stop trying to charge my card – i get an email at least once a week and they try and charge the old credit card at least once or twice a month .. .. :)))) dick heads and their domains are so over priced and once you register with them try and move them . . away . . what a ball ache . . AVOID AT ALL COSTS – if they were the only hosting company in the world i would go back to letters and stamps . .

  29. Tyrone

    Network Solutions refuses to respond by email regarding removing services we do not use. When we call they generally refund us for the month but then we have to call them again each month to prevent them from charging us for the same services we are asking them to stop billing us for.

    Related to our emails they change us for Mobile components we do not use or do not wish to use.

    If we email them about another issue they will respond, but not an issue related to charging us for services we do not use or want.

  30. Justin

    Does anyone have a real contact to this place? Director of customer service, client services something of that nature??

  31. David

    Network solutions is horrible! I complained about horrible technical support and the deleted and blocked me! What a nightmare!

  32. David Henderson

    I think you can add http://www.hosfelt.com/ their list of victims. I have been trying to get a hold of the company for close to a month and the web site is locked up and all emails go unanswered. I have had to write an old fashion pen and paper letter to the company.

  33. Netsol Stinks

    Network Solutions is owned by web.com. If anyone was ripped off by Network Solutions, you can contact the CEO of web.com, David Brown. David Brown’s e-mail address is dbrown@web.com.

  34. Krishnakumar KA

    Hi, I need help to cancel that Microsoft exchange mail solutions. By mistake I have chosen that see it as ‘free’. Then came to know about monthly billing. But no where showing the cancel service button or delete service options. Do they charge for cancellation of Microsoft Exchange mail? If what is the charge? How can I cancel this in NS control panel? Please help.

  35. UsusIpse

    I am currently on hold with NS to get them to stop billing a client. I have been on hold for 45 minutes now and am billing the client double for my time.
    I will do the same to you if you are silly enough to fall into the Network Solutions Trap.

  36. David Henderson

    TO Krishnakumar KA
    You best bet may be to cancel the credit card you used to open the account and get a new card. I have had to do that more than once because a company would not stop billing me for stuff I no longer wanted.

  37. Netsol Stinks

    Network Solutions is unethical. A former employee of Network Solutions posted online every unethical and illegal thing they have done. The website with the information is listed below.


  38. Anthony Barnet

    Too late for me as I already placed my domain with NS and initiated a hosting package and email accounts etc. I have spent years developing my website and after reading all of these comments I definitely do not wish to see my hard work go down the tubes. So far I have only tried to place an under construction page. It has been a whole day and still nothing is showing. Thankfully I have not uploaded my website yet and all I have to deal with is transferring my domain to a better host before things get really complicated…and I mean complicated with all of the clients that my website will attract. These comments have terrified the bejesus outta of me about NS.

  39. Anthony Barnet

    Anthony Barnet here again. Folks, believe me when I say this, if your are considering NS, run as fast as you can and avoid them. NS is not to be trusted. I have a couple of domains with them and initiated a couple of different hosting packages, one being more expensive than the other. On the least expensive one, I uploaded a simple under construction page and it shows up on my browser just fine. On the other one I also uploaded a simple under construction page and for three days nothing is working. I have been on the phone with them several times and they continue to tell me that there is something wrong with my files. How is it that one domain works okay and the other doesn’t ? They don’t seem to understand that I cannot possibly upload my website without knowing for sure that at least this simple file works. They placed the blame squarely on me and for that reason I had no choice but to cancel something that obviously is no good. The point here is that they don’t try hard enough to resolve an issue and I can just imagine the headache if I had an active website and came across a problem . Totally unacceptable. They don’t seem to care enough and keep you as a customer. Very unethical behavior.

    • Tevya

      We went through this garbage again, with another client recently. Transferring their domain away from NS was a huge hassle and time-drain for us and the client both. It was incredibly frustrating, and the client continued to receive invoices for the account, long after the domain had been moved away. I had to submit 4 separate support tickets to get them to finally close the account completely and stop billing our client for services they weren’t using, and we’d previously asked them to cancel.

  40. bob mason

    of course, today i wanted to move all my domains from NS,
    i have not logged in for months, so after i logged in, and have to read all the crappy Ads and new services, without any clue where the hell to manage my damn domains !!!
    so i had to GOOGLE the damn thing and after searching the web for 1 hour to find the damn button where i can unlock the transfer, i was shocked to see that it can not be transferred!
    so googling again led me here to see all the people frustration! and then i said, OMFG !!
    now my painful trip is starting…

  41. Netsol Stinks

    Below is a list of every unethical/shady/illegal thing Network Solutions engages in.

    1.Selling web forwarding with premium dns in a monthly bundle cost when premium dns includes 301 and 302 redirects.

    2.Customers once again can’t disable auto renew within their own accounts.

    3.We charge credit cards that have been expired for YEARS with unwanted auto renew.

    4.We send a mass email to update their mailbox passwords that actually enrolls them into a monthly charge that’s free for one month so they don’t notice.

    5.We charge 299 for a domain redemption the registry charges 70.

    6.We back order our customers own domains and resell them back to them for 125 or we callously sell them on the open domain market for thousands.

    7.Made up domain reinstatement fees of 25.99 on top of 37.99 domain renewals well above the industry standard of 12.99.

    8.Safelock being opt OUT before it was OPT in originally (only took multiple news stories and bad press to change it)

    9.Tons of monthly reoccurring charges designed to be small to avoid detection and churn to drive monthly rev for stock price.

    10. .50 cent domains that morph into 34.99 AFTER the customer pays.

    11.Account banners for ads designed to look like important action items which trick customers to sign up for deceptive reoccurring services.

    12.Giving our customers a “free” .biz domain which instantly exposed their contact information without proactively giving them Private Reg.

    13.Auto Grouping Value Added Services for renewal even when YOU SPECIFICALLY remove those services or uncheck them before renewing.

    14.Turning on auto renew via an opt OUT link in an email instead of a via an opt IN and then charging the card 3 months before expiration.

    15.No consistent auto renew rate. I’ve seen 37.99, 19.99, 15.99 and 24.99.

    16.Top down selling and pricing designed to get the customer to spend the most they are willing to spend. “Won’t pay 30 for a name how bout 15, no how bout 10?”

    17.Manipulating our stock price using the NOGAAP accounting (which is where the monthly costs come in, book a ton of rev but hide the churn boom stock manipulation)

    18.Renewal notices sent years in advance to trick customers into piling on years or adding services.

    19.Not sending out ANY renewal notices and the customer having to pay reinstatement fees after their site goes down which is usually how they find out its expired.

    20.Customer changes ADNS and is enrolled in site lock basic free or private registration free for one month and then charging every month after that.

    21.Addign .biz and free web forwarding to a cx account for one year hoping cx will blindly pay for it next year.

    22.After resetting a mailbox password they were force to reset, you can’t decline the “free” email upgrade either you accept it and get charged next month
    or you have to x out the whole window.

  42. John Wilson

    Another reason to avoid them: If you use Netsol’s DNS servers, expect delays when changing DNS records. When you change a DNS record (MX, for example), on Netsol “Advanced DNS” it may be many hours before they change it on their DNS servers. I’m not talking about propagation; I’m talking about the change appearing on Netsol’s DNS servers, nsxx.worldnic.com, authoritative for your domain, which should be nearly instantaneous. If you call to complain, you’ll get a people who talk about propagation, don’t have any idea what TTL means , and say it should take 72 hours for DNS changes to be visible, like they ready it from some religious text. When you make a DNS change, Netsol’s server should show it immediately, and the rest of the internet should see it when the TTL expires. E.G., if the TTL is 3600, meaning 3600 seconds, then the rest of the internet should see it in 1 hour. Even Godaddy can get this right.

  43. Netsol Stinks

    Network Solutions and web.com are a mickey mouse operation. David Brown, the CEO of Network Solutions and web.com is a clown and a buffoon.

  44. Chris Clementi

    I am trying to unlock my domain name and I went to the site to retrieve my password, which I forgot since it has been a long time since I purchased the site. The e-mail they have is off by one character. My last name has changed since I set up the domain name and they had me send a bunch of artifacts to prove I am who I am. They even sent an e-mail to my work e-mail so they obviously have the right person. They are now saying I need proof of name change. This is ridiculous. I have spent way too much time on this. I truly fear that if I get the paperwork showing my name change, they will find another way to prevent me from accessing my domain name. I am really concerned and am hoping I have some rights. I wish I was a lawyer to intimidate them. I even have a bill proving I pay monthly for my website with the domain name they are preventing me from accessing. I own it until 2024. I hate Network Solutions!

  45. Hai V Pham

    Network Solution transfers the ownership of my domain name to New Ventures Services Corp while it still actively registered with them. New Ventures Services Corp try to sell my domain name back to me for $977.00.
    I paid them to keep my domain name registered, now they want to sell my domain name back to me. This is not a trustworthy company to do business with.

  46. Linda Evenson

    I have an online vocational website, and last week, my web developer tried to transfer my domain from Network Solutions to another host. They made a typo in our web address, so all of the information was being transferred to some other bogus site out in la-la land. When she told them about the problem, they denied it was their fault. They said they would escalate our case to the top of the list, then promptly closed their offices for New Year’s Eve and Day, leaving us hanging. They also WOULD NOT RELEASE the domain so that I could pick up my business email which consists of students who want to start the training who couldn’t contact me. My current students couldn’t get in to work on their lessons either. Who knows how much money we lost!

    Thank goodness, my web developer is smarter than the average idiot and purchased another domain name and used it as a temporary log-on until the transfer was done and she could fix it. Meanwhile, our site was down for SEVERAL DAYS. Emails were not answered, calls not returned as promised, and a real lack of professionalism was obvious. You would think they had never transferred a domain in their lives!

    I was a Network Solutions customer for over 20 years, and this is the service I got. If you’re looking for a domain host, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Network Solutions, in my opinion, is a pathetic joke!

    • Tevya

      It’s unfortunate that despite all the posts like this one, and all the comments like yours, they seem completely unmotivated to change.

  47. Robert Dennis Anderson

    This is crazy.
    Have a domain registered for over 20 year. Have an offer to buy the domain and find that although the’re listed as the host the email address of the admin was changed by NS we can’t rest the password. Sent all types of documents but they still want more. The whois has now been changed to all types of redacted information. I also understand that they have habit of using inactive domains as “parked pages” and claim they’re within their rights since the provision is listed in the service agreement.
    BTW NS was breached in 2009 and again recently in late August 2019 and didn’t discover it until October 16, 2019.
    From Krebs on Security:
    Web.com wasn’t clear how long the intrusion lasted, but if the breach wasn’t detected until mid-October that means the intruders potentially had about six weeks inside unnoticed. That’s a long time for an adversary to wander about one’s network, and plenty of time to steal a great deal more information than just names, addresses and phone numbers.


    A customer of ours had a domain expire due to expired credit card. So Network Solutions took down the customer’s DNS and put an ad page up in its place.
    And all the emails sent to that domain for the next few hours (until we noticed the outage and paid the bill) went to the some SMTP server at AWS, which happily accepted them. We have no idea who owns that server. So, BEWARE of Network Solutions.

  49. Tom Falater

    Do NOT register your domain or do any business with NetWork Solutions or Web.com (same company). They put a legal lock on my site just on the basis of a mild complaint about content and it took me over a week to even get a response from them. They just don’t care about customer service or whether your site is down. One week to get a response after they locked the account? Unacceptable. Funny how they responded to the complaint within a day but took a week to even answer my inquiry as to why they took over my domain.


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