A Lesson on Meeting Small Business Owners in Utah

| 18 April 2014

18 April 2014

At Fiddler Online we always encourage our clients to have a place in the world of social media. In the last few years Google+ is no doubt becoming more and more important to a small business. Google sort of owns the internet, so if you want to have a healthy presence online you better be playing ever game they are playing. 

Google+ Communities for Utah Business Owners

One feature Google provides to connect with others of similar interests is their Google+ Communities. This has been an awesome feature and very effective in networking efforts online. I wanted to leverage this option by connecting with more Utah small business owners since they probably face similar issues as I do and can therefore collaborate on solutions and shared ideas.

If you are a small business owner in Utah and you have yet to join the community, please do so now. Here are a few ideas we are implementing to make this a solid resource

Business Owner Interviews
We pick one business owner a few times a week and I interview them through a Google Hangout. We then listen to their business story and understand how they grow their business effectively in Utah and what tips and trick they use that would be valuable to others. See my interview with Mike Kinglsey from Macintosh Consulting.

Live Networking Events
Nothing can replace networking in person. Follow the community to find out when we will be having a live networking event.

Direct Message Shuffle
We currently have 90+ members in this community. Image if each person had a conversation (visible to the community) in an effort to determine how they can assist each other’s business? This would stimulate relationships and success would come from it.

Give me a call if you are wanting to know how else to leverage Google+ in the building of your business.

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