Your Email Habits Are Costing Your Company Money

| 30 July 2014

30 July 2014

You have over 100 unread emails in your inbox, don’t you? It’s OK, you probably think you are the only person drowning in email. See the guy in the next cubicle, yeah, the stinky one. He’s got over 200 unread emails. He doesn’t have a clue either.

Company culture is all the buzz right now. Research shows any investment in culture is going to pay back. One thought to consider is, there are cultures within cultures. Small habits where the company cancer first sprouts. If companies don’t take time to step back and analyze these company moles then you will wake up with good people having contempt for your workplace.

Email is a culture within a culture

Before I started consulting companies on email and office efficiency, I worked for a medium size company with roughly 350 employees. My department had about 15 employees. We spent our day in our respective cubicles typing away, creating emails that seemed really important. Long email chains grew longer and every once in awhile we ended up in a conference room in a boring meeting (speaking of company cancer). We felt like we were getting a lot done but we created more work than success. Nobody seemed to care because email seemed to be the only way to work.

How I fix company email

I get the chance to visit companies along the Wasatch Front and teach their employees about email best practices. Many employees groan when they are told they will be attending an hour training about email, but once the party starts they realize I have the key to workplace nirvana. We schedule your company conference room (or use the broom closet if we must) and I take them on an hour long journey that covers the following:

  • 3 Keys to Email Nirvana
    • (1) Define Email Purpose
    • (2) Train the Noise
    • (3) Build the System
  • Destructive Email Addictions
  • Establishing Company Email Culture (that works)
  • The Secret to Project Management

Our goal is inbox zero. No more lingering tasks that don’t get done. It’s quite simple and I can show you how.

This is the part where you schedule your FREE EMPTY INBOX TRAINING:

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