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Hello, this is Kurt Francom with wpXPRESS and this is one of the hundreds of videos where I answer the most commonly asked questions related to small business web design. Today’s question is “I have a great online business idea, where do I get started?”

This is a question I get all the time and the reality is people don’t realize how expensive it may be to start an online business. Its different from starting a brick and mortar business because you don’t have to find office space, you don’t have all the insurances and the licenses that may be required for a physical business but still can be quite expensive.

There are three people you need to talk with or call before you really jump into your business. The first one is a web developer. What we’ll do is walk you through some things to consider of how your website will work, how do customers go from A to Z on your website, from landing on your site to actually purchasing something or purchasing your service on your website.

The next person I recommend you talk to is a software developer because most online businesses have a lot of moving parts behind the scenes it’s not as simple as just throwing up a webpage. Maybe it is, good for you, most likely it won’t be; so you can call me and I can recommend a variety of software developers that would be really good to talk with to help you understand what it would actually take to develop this great idea online. What I find is , people have this great idea, they come to me with it and I say go talk to a software developer then they’re shocked to hear that he is going to charge them fifteen grand to actually build a business. Now that doesn’t mean that he is overcharging you. That just means how expensive it’s gonna cost to do that.

The last person you want to talk to is a business consultant with some background in online business. Again you can call me, I know some great ones that can really walk you through some business plans and where to start with your online business. So congratulations on jumping into an online business, it’s a great place to be and there is a lot of benefit to it. But there are a few steps to take before and I hope this helps.

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