Top 5 Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Let me tell you how my brain works (as if you wanted to know). The majority of my day is spent running from task to task, meeting to meeting, meal to meal. I am constantly making decisions and by the time I return home to my lovely family a part of me wants to slip into a comma. In order to avoid this medical condition I look for something to do that will take no critical thinking. It’s times like these that I wish I had a lawn to mow. Anyone else love mowing lawns? It’s a simple task that takes little thought (unless you are this guy) and it also needs to be done.

Instead of being the lawn mower at my home, I’m the dishwasher. I didn’t apply for this job, but over the years it’s become an unwritten rule that I am the Chief Dishwasher Office in our household. This allows me to do something effective but to slow my brain down at the same time.

This brings me to the other side of my brain. If I am put in the kitchen doing dishes with no mental stimulus I pretty much go crazy. What do you expect from me, independent thought?!?! I don’t do well alone inside my brain as I wash dishes. I need just a touch of brain food to keep me from drooling on myself. So what do I do, I put my ear buds in (so my wife has to scream to get my attention) and I listen to podcasts.

Over the last few years I have discovered some remarkable podcasts that can change your life and the way you think. So I present to you FiddlerStudios’…

Top 5 Podcasts Every Business Owner Should Follow

Beers, Blokes, & Business

This is an Australian podcast where a bunch of blokes sit around and discuss problems and solutions they face in their small business. Each week their topic is quite interesting and I never miss a show.

The Work Talk Show

This podcast has a bit more practical approach to doing business. The hosts interview business owners, authors, thought leaders, etc. and ask them how they get work done. Everything from daily routines, to how their desk is set up. My favorite part is at the end of the episode when they ask the guest, “What are your 3 favorite apps you couldn’t live without?” I have found some gems listening to their answers.

The BNI Podcast

As you might remember, I’m a big fan of BNI (Business Networking International) and they put out a weekly podcast. The host interviews the founder of BNI, Ivan Misner, and he gives some priceless tips on how to be a better networking and grow your business. They generally last about 10 minutes, so it isn’t hard to listen in each week.

The Go For It Show

Consistent renewal of motivation is crucial for business owners. When you are your own boss you need a constant reminder why you jumped into this abyss of uncertainty. The Go For It Show interviews successful small business founders and talks about how they did it, what they recommend, and any additional secrets related to their industry. Tysen Webb does a great job finding interesting guests and I always benefit from the motivation that comes from his episodes.

Office Hours with Dan Pink

Dan Pink has been one of my favorite authors for quite sometime. While you check out his podcast you should check out his books as well. This is a monthly podcast where he interviews some heavy hitters in the business worlds. Most of them are authors and it is always an engaging interview.

How to Listen to Podcasts

Most people have heard of iTunes and if you are drinking the Apple kool-aid this is the best way to access podcasts. I’m an Android snob so I use an app called Podkicker. It does the trick! It notifies me when there is a new podcast available and I can set it to download to my phone automatically so I can listen to the episode at another time even if I don’t have data.

Which one am I missing? What is your top 5 list of podcasts?

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