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At Fiddler Studios we are constantly consulting businesses on how to be more successful with online tools. Not only do we analyze websites as a critical part of a business, but there are also many free online tools that businesses can leverage to be more efficient and save time.

As I go around visiting different businesses, I sometimes pick up on different processes they form in their offices that leave me scratching my head. One of those problems that I see businesses running into is trying to set up appointments with potential clients, customers, business networks and so forth.  They struggle and go back and forth trying to find a specific day that will work for both of them. Here at Fiddler Studios we use a fantastic tool that helps us accomplish this, it is called

If you have worked with me or set up appointments with me you have probably seen how the interface works. When it comes time to set an appointment you can highlight specific times that work best for you and your schedule; giving the other person options to pick from in order to find a time that works best for both of you.  This really expedites the process and helps both of you get to a mutual appointment time quickly.

This also works well with setting up group meetings and events.  When you are dealing with many different people who have many different schedules; this tool allows everyone to highlight the dates and times that work for them. This then helps you to quickly find a time when the majority of people are available allowing you to schedule the event without a lot of back and forth.

Take it for a trial spin and see if it doesn’t help with your scheduling headaches.

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