How quickly can a new company get its website up?

This is one hundreds of videos where I answer the most commonly asked questions related to small business websites. I put on a suit coat today so that I look very intelligent. 😉 Anyway, today’s question is, “How quickly can a new company get its website up and running from the start of the development process?” This is a very important question and a place where a lot of web developers get a bad name, because web developers they’re a special bunch. They’re not very good at setting clear expectations somehow and so this is something we’ve really worked on at wpXPRESS (formerly Fiddler Online. But make sure if you’re working with a web developer that he or she is setting clear expectations so that you’re not disappointed in the long run. We generally ask for eight weeks from beginning to end of the development process. That gives us enough time to acquire all the information from you and get the website up and running in a good amount of time so that it can actually start working.

Please understand that web developing isn’t magic. It’s not something that we just do in our sleep. It does take some time to develop and put everything together so expect at least months. But if you have a very complicated website it could be even longer than that so be sure to set clear expectations with your web developer so you don’t hate us. We don’t like to be hated.

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  1. Donald Morgan on 29 March 2016 at 4:48 PM

    Hey Kurt good stuff. Kent Peterson just delivered some flyers to my home office and he wanted me to say hello to you for him.

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