How do I Get a New Logo for my Business?


How do i get a new logo for my business

Hello this is Kurt Francom with Fiddler Online and this is one of hundreds of videos where I answer the most commonly asked questions relating to small business web design.

Today’s question is How do I get a new business logo?

And it’s a great question because individuals that are getting a new website are generally in the process of  getting a new logo. They are a start up, they are getting all their business information in order, and a part of that is getting a great fantastic logo.

In the past we used to design business logos and if you really want us to, sure, we’ll design you a business logo. But now there are so many resources online that will get you a fantastic logo, it is cheaper and it uses crowd sourcing, so many designers are working on it. One resource we highly recommend is Ninety Nine Designs. We’ve got many logos and T-shirts and images done through Ninety Nine Designs.

If you look at our old logo for Fiddler Online,

that was done through Ninety Nine Designs. And basically how that works is, you put your project out there that you want a logo design or flyer or whatever it is. And then it outs it out there to thousands of graphic designers who will then try and earn your business by putting together different logos. Its a competition, so you pick the best ten and then the best five and then the best three and then the best one and then you are done.

It is a little bit tricky. I make it sound very simple. So give us a call if that’s the direction you’re going and we can give you some tips and tricks on how to use Ninety Nine Designs most effectively, so you get the best designers and the best logo at the end of the day.

Give 99designs a try by clicking HERE.

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