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| 29 June 2015

29 June 2015

I hated English class in high school? Who’s with me? Or those 15 page research papers in college? YUCK! I don’t know how to stomached it. I thought I hated writing, until I was freed from college and was able to write about subjects I was passionate about. Now I want to write every day. Just because I like to write doesn’t mean I’m a pro at English grammar.

Grammar and Spelling Shortcut

Mechanical Turk is an online resource (owned by Amazon) that allow you to post Human Intellegent Tasks (HIT’s). In short, these are tasks that need a quick human eye to complete rather than a computer algorithm. I first discovered this blogging hack online and it has been golden (I would link to this helpful post but I can’t seem to find it now).  Let me show you how this is done through a quick video.

Here are the Mechanical Turk proofreading steps in writing.

  1. Complete article draft
  2. Copy/Paste text to Google Drive document
  3. Copy document share link
  4. Create HIT in Mechanical Turk (you will need to add money to your account via an Amazon account)
  5. Fill out HIT form and submit
  6. Wait for proofreading to be completed
  7. Review, edit post, and pay proofreaders (Be sure to reward all those that complete the task as instructed).
I’d also suggest you adjust pricing depending on how long your article is. For my longer posts I sometime pay over $1 to be sure I am getting quality proofreading help.
Here’s the verbiage I use (feel free to copy) when building a HIT:
Proofreading Blog Post
Please proofread the text for errors in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
Expires in:
<4-24> hours
Detailed Instructions:

Please copy and paste the following text of this document: <enter Google document link here>

Make any necessary edits to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Make all your corrections in RED text. When you are finished, upload the document in PDF format.

All uploaded files that do not follow these exact instructions will be rejected.

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