Do I need to hire a graphic designer for my small business website?

This is one of hundreds of videos, where I answer the most commonly asked questions about website development for small businesses.

Today’s question is, “Do I really need to hire a graphic designer to make my website look awesome?” The sure answer is, “Yeah, probably” but you don’t need a graphics designer as much as you think. Maybe in the initial process of the development of the website, really making it look sharp it will be important then, but as you maintain your website you can do a lot of it yourself.

I recommend a useful tool online called Canva. It’s fantastic! They’ve had all the graphic designers do the hard work for you and you and all you need to do is swap out the text and the pictures. You can make anything like social media graphics to promote your page on social media, or if you have an inspiring quote or something that you want to share on social media and generate some interests for your business. If you develop a blog post of really fantastic and valuable content much like this video, you can then go to Canva and create an image that goes along with that blog post.

Look at the image for the video above, I made it on Canva. It’s very easy to do, I made it in less than five minutes and it’s fantastic!

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