This is one of hundreds of videos where I answer the most commonly asked questions that small business owners have about their website. One aspect of a website that I highly recommend you to have is a newsletter attached to your website. What this means is if somebody comes and is interested in what you’re talking about, you should have an area where people can put an email in there and start hearing from you because email marketing is much, much more powerful than any social media marketing you can ever try and do because they’re inviting you into their inbox. This is different than inviting you into their social media stream. If they invite you into their email inbox, you’ve got somebody who’s very interested and most likely will become a client in the future.

Now the question is, “Can I email people too much through my newsletter?”

A lot of people will just do a weekly or monthly newsletter that has the basic post they’ve talked about or tips or tricks. Let me ask you this question. Can you see your family too much? Of course not because your family provides great value to you and you appreciate the content that they bring in to your life, the people they are in your life. So if people are unsubscribing for your newsletter because you’re sending it too much you’re not giving them really good content they appreciate. If you don’t know what content they appreciate, send a survey out to your newsletter and see what type of people are signing up, what they’re looking for, the content and questions they have, and then you can start creating content around that and send it out as much as you want.

Go get a newsletter, it’s important.


Kurt Francom is a former partner at wpXPRESS. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has two kids and a massage therapist wife Alanna (a mechanic never has time to work on his own family cars). Kurt enjoys reading, writing, time-travel movies, attending college football games in the fall, and drawing caricatures.