Have you ever had a dying grandmother in the hospital, and the doctors forget to monitor her progress with life saving machines? Me neither, but many businesses approach their websites this way. Whenever I analyze a website for a business owner I am shocked to see how many websites simply don’t have analytics tracking the status of their website. No wonder your phone isn’t ringing! Your lack of data is killing your grandma website.

In this weeks video I explain how wpXPRESS (formerly Fiddler Online) specifically tracks the performance of each website in order to strategically find the success our clients are looking for. If you are a wpXPRESS client you can rest assured we know just how well the stats on your website are doing. Did you know you can ask for an analytics analysis any time you feel like it? It’s true.

Another reason to watch this video is to see what I do at the end. It’s epic!



Kurt Francom is a former partner at wpXPRESS. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has two kids and a massage therapist wife Alanna (a mechanic never has time to work on his own family cars). Kurt enjoys reading, writing, time-travel movies, attending college football games in the fall, and drawing caricatures.