What is a SERP (search engine results page)?


What is a serp

Hi, my name is Kurt Francom with wpXPRESS (formerly Fiddler Online), and this is one of hundreds of videos where I answer the most commonly asked questions relating to small business websites.

Today’s questions is, What is a SERP?

This is a term you may hear in the website industry. SERP stand for search engine result page. Here is the thing you as a small business owner need to understand about Google. Google does not rank or list websites, they rank and list web pages. So if your website has ten different pages on it, Google has ten different options of how to rank you. If your website has a thousand different web pages on it, you have a thousand different ways to rank you. And so the way to look at it, is that each page on your website is a door into your website, into your business, a way to get to know you. The more doors you have, the more likely you will be able to get more business, get more traffic because you are giving people more options for people to come in the door.

So a good tactic to see how many doorways or web pages you have that Google can actually rank you by, is to go to Google, type in “site:” (site colon), and then the name of your web address. This will show you how many pages Google has to choose from and actually rank you, so the more options, the more doorways you get to Google, the more likely you are to ranked for somebody to see.

So create content, much like this video, and put it out there for Google to recognize that you are giving value to people that are Googling keywords, and they most likely will end up on your web page.

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