Get People to Promote Your Product on Twitter

Pay with a Tweet is a cool new(ish) tool that allows you to setup a giveaway of some sort (could even be early access to a webapp), but instead of having them pay, they merely tweet on Twitter about it, then are given access. It’s quite easy to use and can be used to give…

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Easy CSS3 Drop Shadows

CSS3 (and some early browser-specific variants) support drop shadows. I found this awesome article that tells you how to create CSS drop shadows, and even gives the CSS code, so you can just copy/paste and adjust the numbers as needed. It works great. Scroll down a ways for the pre-written CSS to copy/paste.

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Fix YouTube Videos After Upload

I just found this page in the YouTube help section that details how to fix problems with your aspect ratio (if it looks stretched or squashed or there’s black area all around the video), just by adding some secret YouTube tags to your video: yt:crop=16:9 (zooms in on the 16:9 area, removes windowboxing) yt:stretch=16:9 (fixes…

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Use Bad Ideas to Spark Good Ones

Daniel Pink posted a brief summary of a longer piece, by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. The idea is a new one to me, and apparently used a lot by writers in TV who have to come up with new plot-lines on a regular basis. They sit down with their group of co-writers and…

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Here’s How to Add Links Inside WordPress Image Captions

Admin ajax

This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve looked for a solution to the WordPress issue that it strips HTML out of image captions, removing any links you might have included. I finally found an answer, and it seems to work great: yes another plugin. Links in Captions allows you to add link code like…

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How to Use Google Fonts on Your WordPress Website

Adding Google Fonts to WP

I’ve wanted to use Google Fonts on some of my sites for a while now. It just looks cool when you’re site has new fonts that not everyone else on the web is using (Times, Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, etc.). However, I’m no programmer and the very little bit of code required to implement it, had…

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