Tevya Washburn

Tevya Washburn

Loves his wife, kids, and WordPress.
The brain behind Starfish Reviews and wpXPRESS.

Podcast Episodes

WP HackerCast – Episode 20

Tevya Washburn – Starfish Reviews & wpXPRESS

Press This: The WordPress Community Podcast

Getting the Most from Online Reviews With Starfish Reviews' Tevya Wasburn

Idaho's Money Show

Tevya & former business partner Kurt Francom (business called "Fiddler Online" at the time)

Tevya’s Story

Tevya grew up on a farm on the edge of town in Idaho. He loved to ride his horses. When it was too cold or hot, he’d head indoors to tinker with computers. As an adult Tevya found WordPress in 2008. He then turned his freelancing into a legit WordPress maintenance and support business called wpXPRESS.

Since then, he’s bought out two other WordPress maintenance companies, brought-on and later bought-out a partner, rebranded, pivoted his company’s core business model, and started a sister brand, based on the needs of his wpXPRESS members.

Starfish Reviews is that sister brand. It’s a WordPress plugin that helps businesses and personalities get more reviews for their business, podcast, products.

wpXPRESS helps small business owners ensure they look great online, without expense of hiring a website person. Speed performance issues, security breeches, updates that break the site, and ugliness that scares away customers are just a few examples of the kinds of problems most WordPress users deal with, but wpXPRESS members don’t.

Experienced Presenter

(on WordPress and business topics)

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Founding Organizer

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Ideas for Discussion

Suggested Topics

Clever Strategies for Driving Constructive Reviews

Online Review Strategy with WordPress

Getting the Most from Online Reviews

Possible Questions

What made you decide to create Starfish?

What mistakes do people make when thinking about review strategy?

Do reviews really help conversion rates? How?

Should I respond to positive reviews?

Is it a good idea to remove negative reviews?

Suggested Topics

How Your Website Reflects Your Company Culture

Smart Strategies for Securing WordPress

Quick Wins to Speed Up Your Website

Possible Questions

How did you get started with wpXPRESS?

Why is the speed and security of a website so essential to a business?

How does the design and presentation of a website affect potential customers?

How do you know if your website has problems that are hurting your business?

Need WordPress Help or Training?

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