Holly Southwick Olson

Hi, Y’all I’m Holly Olson

Cadet / wpXINTERN

Senior at BYU-I

“Your life is like a Book and only you have the POWER to turn the pages.”                      by Holly Olson

About Me

I am an intern at wpXPRESS, and am really enjoying it so far. I Love being able to design things and am excited to let others know about wpXPRESS through the branding I will be doing! I am grateful to Pat Dumond, allowing me this opportunity to continue to grow and progress.

I am 41 year old. I have been married to my husband, Shawn, for 18 year. We have 5 children, ages 16-3.

My husband and I felt that I should return to college to get my degree, as I never finished. So after taking a 13 year break, I came back, and I am in my last semester at BYU-I to get my Bachelors in Web Design and Development, with an emphasis in design.

I want my children to know that they can succeed at anything if they put their minds to it, even after 13 years.


  • I love to read and tell stories.
  • I like to write down my thoughts as well as stories.
  • I love to design and share that design with others.
  • I really like to talk!
  • I love to liste and then help where I can.
  • I like to sew quilts and crochet.
  • I love most animals. I just don’t own any so I love them from afar.
  • I love to give compliments. Without compliments how can people know they are appreciated.
  • I give encouragement and support, as everyone needs that in their lives.
  • I try to look on the bright side of things, though this doesn’t always work.
  • I hope to be an example of just being yourself. You need to be you!

Current Employment



I really enjoy working for wpXPRESS. I appreciate how I am able to use the skills that I have learned in school and apply them in real life


  • Update web site when needed.
  • Make personal pages about each contractor.
  • Brand the company.

Past Employment


  • Cleaned up in and around town and school.
  • Taught me that hard work can be dauntying but does pay off.



  • Worked behind jewlrey counter and area around it.
  • Taught me that diamonds are not  my best friend. That every one has their own personal taste.


  • Worked in Womens and Juniors.
  • Worked in Seasonal around the jewelry counter.
  • Taught me about design.


  • Delivered flowers in small towns all around the Hill Country in Texas.
  • Taught me that all people look at recieving flowers differently.