How to Remove or Customize the WordPress Admin Bar

You may have noticed that WordPress 3.1 has an “admin bar” just like when you’re logged-in to blogs. You may also not like it, or not want it included on certain sites or under certain situations. It’s important to remember that it’s not displayed for any users who are not logged-in to your site.

If you find yourself wanting it removed, or to manipulate it in other ways, here are 3 great plugins I found to do exactly that:

  • WP Custom Admin Bar – this one’s a step more advanced than the previous, allowing you to enable/disable the admin bar based on the user roles (eg. subscriber, editor, etc.).
  • Admin Bar Disabler – this plugin gives basically the same capabilities as the previous one, but is built by a different developer, and lists full multi-site capabilities.

I am using the 1st one on some sites where I don’t want the bar there at all. So far it works great!

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