3 Reasons to Track Your Business Mileage With MileIQ

| 14 January 2016

14 January 2016


Tracking miles stinks! Who’s with me? There are parts of being a small-business owner that are just down-right annoying. I’ve tried keeping a notebook in my car, and I’ve tried using Google Maps to measure mileage. It’s time consuming, and I usually pay my assistant to do all the recording for me. About 9 months ago, I came across a phone app called MileIQ, and it has greatly simplified my small-business life. I can’t help but recommend it to you.

1. It uses my GPS without draining my battery

No more resetting your trip odometer or trying to remember addresses. MileIQ works in the background of your phone as you drive around town. Every so often the app will check your GPS location to see if you have moved. If you have moved locations, it will then record it, and ask you to classify it when you are ready. When I first started using the app, I was concerned it would drain my battery too much using GPS, but I have not noticed any change in power levels.

2. It saves on time

After a few drives, the MileIQ app will prompt me that there are a few drives I need to classify. I quickly open the app while I wait in line at the grocery store, and slide right or left (Tinder style), to classify each drive as personal or business. I can add notes or additional detail depending on the purpose of the trip. The app is so easy to access and use that I rarely, if ever, get backlogged on recording my miles.

3. My accountant likes it

We’ve all had those awkward moments where we try and explain to our accountant how we are justifying writing off our new tattoo as an important business expense. Your accountant won’t role your eyes at MileIQ. Hal Rosen, a local Salt Lake accountant who is a Jedi in the CPA galaxy, strongly endorses it. Check it out at MileIQ.com.

Happy tax season!

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  1. Joshua Brost

    Hi, Kurt-

    Josh from MileIQ here! Thanks so much for featuring our app! We LOVE the drawing! How can we get a copy for our office? 🙂


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