Mastering Digital Presence: 7 Content Curation Tools to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

| 5 February 2024

5 February 2024


In the age of information overload, marketers face the challenge of not only creating but curating compelling content that resonates with their target audience. The first tool in our framework, Pocket, provides a seamless solution for building a curated library of valuable resources. With its intuitive interface and cross-device synchronization, Pocket enables marketers to save, organize, and share content effortlessly. As we navigate through this framework, we’ll discover how tools like Feedly, ContentGems, and contribute to the curation process, offering features that range from centralized content aggregation to personalized content recommendations. Stay tuned to unlock insights into the dynamic landscape of content curation and redefine your approach to digital marketing.

What is content curation?

Content curation is the process of discovering, gathering, organizing, and sharing relevant and valuable content from various sources on a specific topic or theme. Instead of creating original content, content curators sift through a vast sea of information to find the most noteworthy, insightful, or entertaining pieces that align with their audience’s interests. The curated content is then presented in a cohesive manner, often accompanied by the curator’s insights or commentary, adding a unique perspective to the information. Content curation is a strategic practice used in various fields, including digital marketing, social media, and journalism, to provide audiences with high-quality, curated collections that save time and deliver meaningful insights.

Key Features of Content Curation:

  • Aggregation: Content curation tools gather information from diverse sources, bringing together relevant content on a specific topic or theme.
  • Organization: Curators organize curated content in a structured manner, making it easily accessible and digestible for the audience.
  • Personalization: Content curation allows for the customization of curated collections to match the interests and preferences of the target audience.

Value to the User:

  • Time Efficiency: Users save time by accessing a curated selection of high-quality content, eliminating the need to search through an abundance of information.
  • Expert Curation: Content curation is often done by experts or individuals with deep knowledge in a particular field, providing users with reliable and valuable insights.
  • Relevance: Curated content is tailored to the user’s interests, ensuring that they receive information that is specifically relevant and meaningful to them.

7 Best Content Curation Tools

Let’s explore the seven powerful content curation tools that can revolutionize your digital marketing strategy.

1. Pocket – Your Personal Content Library:

Pocket is a versatile tool that allows you to save articles, videos, and webpages for later consumption. With its user-friendly interface and cross-device syncing, Pocket is the perfect companion for marketers who want to curate a personal library of valuable content to share with their audience.

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Key Features:

  • Save, organize, and share curated content effortlessly.
  • Accessible across devices for on-the-go curation.
  • Offline viewing for curated content without internet access.


Free with optional premium features at $4.99/month.

2. Feedly – Centralized Content Aggregation:

Feedly streamlines content discovery by aggregating news feeds from various sources into one platform. Marketers can customize their feeds based on topics, industries, or keywords, ensuring they stay informed about the latest trends. The platform also facilitates easy sharing to social media channels, making it a valuable asset for content distribution.

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  • Gather articles, news, and blog posts from various sources in one place.
  • Organize content into customized feeds based on topics, keywords, or sources.
  • Save articles for later reading with the bookmarking feature.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms like Slack, Evernote, and social media.
  • Share and collaborate on curated content with team members or peers.
  • Access Feedly on the go with mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.


Free Trial Available. Price starts at $6 per month.

3. ContentGems – Tailored Content Recommendations:

ContentGems takes content curation a step further by providing personalized content recommendations based on your specified keywords and interests. This tool ensures that the content you curate aligns seamlessly with your brand and resonates with your target audience.

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Key Features:

  • Harnesses artificial intelligence for smart and personalized content recommendations.
  • Provides up-to-the-minute updates on relevant content in your chosen industry or topics.
  • Tailors content suggestions based on specific keywords, sources, and user preferences.
  • Seamlessly integrates with various platforms and tools for easy incorporation into your workflow.
  • Offers insights into content performance, engagement, and user interaction.


Free Trial Available. Pro Plan starts at $10 per month.

4. – Curate and Publish with Ease: combines content curation and publishing capabilities in one platform. Marketers can curate content relevant to their niche, add insights, and publish it directly from the platform. The user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for those looking to streamline the curation-to-publishing process.

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Key Features:

  • Intelligent content suggestion based on user preferences.
  • Collaboration and content distribution capabilities.
  • Analytics to measure content performance.


Plans start at $14.99/month with a 14-day free trial.

5. Curata – Enterprise-Level Curation:

For larger marketing teams and enterprises, Curata offers a robust solution for content curation. With advanced features such as content analytics, workflow management, and collaboration tools, Curata empowers teams to curate and distribute high-quality content at scale.

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  • Intelligent content discovery and recommendation engine.
  • Workflow automation for efficient content curation.
  • Performance analytics to measure the impact of curated content.


There is a free trial version available online. There isn’t a pricing plan for this tool that is available to the public, contact their sales team for more information.

6. BuzzSumo – Uncover Trending Content:

BuzzSumo is a powerful tool for content discovery and trend analysis. Marketers can identify popular content, analyze its performance, and gain insights into what resonates with their audience. This data-driven approach to curation ensures that your content strategy is aligned with current trends and audience preferences.

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  • Find popular and trending content in your industry.
  • Identify key influencers in your niche.
  • Analyze the performance of specific topics or competitors’ content.
  • Receive notifications about trending content and mentions.


BuzzSumo offers a free 30-day trial to new users, has four distinct plans that are individually customised to meet each user’s demands. Pro Plan starts at 79$/Per Month.

7. DrumUp – Social Media Content Scheduling:

DrumUp not only helps you discover and curate content but also simplifies the social media sharing process. With features like content scheduling, RSS feed integration, and team collaboration, DrumUp is a comprehensive tool for managing your social media content curation and distribution.

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  • Find relevant and engaging content from various sources across the web.
  • Schedule posts for multiple social media platforms in advance.
  • Tailor content feeds based on specific keywords, topics, or interests.
  • Manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard.
  • Track the performance of your social media posts and campaigns.


Free Trial Available. Price starts from $15 per month.

Tips on Choosing the Best Content Curation Tools to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

When choosing content curation tools to boost your marketing strategy, consider these tips:

  • User Interface: Look for tools with intuitive interfaces that make it easy to discover and curate content efficiently.
  • Content Sources: Ensure the tool allows you to pull in content from a variety of sources such as social media, blogs, and news sites.
  • Content Organization: Opt for tools that offer features for organizing and categorizing curated content, making it easier to manage and share.
  • Customization: Choose tools that allow you to customize curated content to match your brand’s voice and style.
  • Analytics: Prioritize tools that provide analytics and insights into the performance of curated content, helping you refine your strategy over time.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be better equipped to choose a content curation tool that enhances your marketing strategy and helps you engage your audience effectively.

In Conclusion:

As you embark on refining your digital marketing strategy, these 7 content curation tools stand out for their unique features and functionalities. Whether you’re aiming for AI-driven recommendations, seamless collaboration, or comprehensive analytics, there’s a tool to suit your needs. Consider the key features and pricing details to find the perfect fit for elevating your content curation game in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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