What Web Designers Are Not Telling You | How to Produce Leads From Your Website

The internet can be perceived as magical to an old-school business owner. They hear stories of someone who started a website and now they make a 6-figure income while vacationing in Maui. This does happen, but it doesn’t happen by only having a well-designed website. Nevertheless, this hope of having a constant flow of new website business excites the business owner and they are excited to move forward with the website.

The web developer may recognize how excited the new client is about their website and not be able to restrain him or herself from painting the perfect website picture. Thousands in sales! The perfect clients demanding you take their money… and the fantasy can go on and on. Many web developers fail, however, to tell the business owner the most important detail; which is, this new website isn’t going to create new business on its own.

Your new site won’t create new clients magically

This might be difficult for small-businesses to hear, but it’s the reality. Most web developers also search engine optimization (SEO) companies because they know they have to help the client get some traffic to their new website. If they can get traffic to your website they can show you that it is working. The only problem is, a good SEO campaign is a large investment in the beginning. It will work, but it can make a small-businesses hurt financially. At FiddlerStudios, we realized long ago that if we wanted to work with the small, locally owned businesses, we couldn’t blow them away by an expensive SEO price tag. That is what led us to our unique business model and now we get to work with the best small-business owners the want a simple, affordable solution.

Before you get started with a new website, please understand it will take some work before the new business starts coming in, not a ton of work, but it will take some work. Let me give you a few suggestions of what you can do with your website (new or old) that will start generating your perfect client to visit your website:

Spend 30 minutes a day creating content

You don’t have to hire a marketing manager to find success with your website, but you do need to spend at least 30 minutes a day. What is it you do during those 30 minutes? To get the best answer to that question you need to attend our next workshop. But the short answer is, you need to create content in the form of written word (like this article), audio recordings (podcasts), video recordings, live events, or simple memes or pictures you can share on social media. New content is going to show Google that you are new and valuable content and they should start ranking you. It will also show people on social media that you are an expert in your field. If you create consistent, valuable content you will get noticed by people ready to buy.

Leverage the questions and problems you face everyday in your business and share the answers

I’ve written before about the 10 questions your website needs to answer. That’s a good place to start with making your website a traffic magnet. But consider the questions you are hearing everyday from clients and potential clients that call you on the phone or see you in person. If they are asking you questions that means other potential clients have similar questions they are typing into Google. Once they enter them into Google they will most likely land on your website if you are creating content related to their question. Make note of the questions you are being asked every day and then make a quick video in your work truck, or write a few paragraphs at the end of your day to share on your website. If you really want to go crazy, speak everything into a voice recorder and then hire a writer to turn it into a perfect article to share on your website. Post the article and you will begin to hear your phone ring.

Hire a writer

Did I just tell you to hire a writer? Yup, I did. If you honestly don’t think you will find 30 minutes a day to sit down and create written content, then hire someone to do it. You’d be surprised how affordable this can be through resources like Upwork. Once you find an awesome writer for your business, you can feed them content all day and it will generate more business.

Hire a creative

If you don’t think you are much of a creative, I would recommend you try Canva and use their great templates to make some visual content that will get some attention. If this isn’t your forte, again, hire someone at Upwork to do the heavy designing and you can give them direction until you are satisfied.

Spend 30 minutes a day creating

I often roll my eyes at business owners that have 60+ minutes a day to spend at lousy networking events but they can’t find 30 minutes to sit down and create content. It doesn’t have to be perfect content to be effective content. Just block out some time and make it happen! For the plumber, this might mean you get out your smartphone during a difficult installation and talk people through what is happening and how you are going to fix it. Um…well…we hope you sanitize your phone after you make the video. 😉

Your website has great potential but don’t let your web developer make you think it will happen magically. Get a great website designed and then get to work 30 minutes a day.

FiddlerStudios will help you do this

We never want to be the company that can only offer solutions that cost more in order to make your website succeed. We walk our clients through each step to make sure they understand what it will take to succeed online. For this reason, you should become a wpXPRESS client.

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