What is the Best Pop-Up Plugin for the Divi WordPress Theme?

Best divi wordpress popup plugin

Popups are a great way to show content on your website. They can display special offers, show information, and lots more based on triggers that you control. There are three popular popup plugins for Divi: Divi Overlays, Divi Popup Module, and Divi SOS. All three display layouts made with the Divi Builder and all three…

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Creating a Simpler Checkout Page in WooCommerce

Woocommerce simple checkout

When building Starfish Reviews plugin, we initially started with a WooCommerce-based solution for selling and licensing the plugin. I really didn’t like WooCommerce’s over-complicated checkout page. I wanted something simpler and more straightforward. So here’s how I got from complicated, to simple with some nice icons to help visually. While I did it with the…

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How to Revert a WordPress Multisite to a Single-site

How to revert wordpress multisite single site

Originally posted 1 Jan 2014. Updated multiple times since then. Most recently updated with info for editing web.config on Windows Server. Our company website here at dev.wpxpress.com (previously Fiddler.Online) had been a WordPress Multisite for some time. I decided it wasn’t really serving any good purpose to have it that way, partly because we’d simplified and only…

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