Aren’t you glad your taxes are done for 2012!?

Oh….they’re not?

Well, you are not alone.

This time of year becomes a bit tricky when you are running a business. Not only do you have to manage your business effectively but you also need to get your taxes filed on time and correctly. If you aren’t using a CPA then you are just CRAZY! The reality is, the IRS can make your life “not fun”, to say the least. It’s so important that you work with a competent CPA that can help you do things right and avoid further time away from what you do best.

At Fiddler Online we have the world’s best clients and therefore are constantly looking for ways to add value to their business–even with things outside of their website services and online marketing.

Hal Rosen runs a top-notch CPA firm called Baggaley & Rosen. If tax accountants received black belts, Hal would have three of them. He helps small businesses in a unique way and has a lot to teach. I took some time to sit down with Hal (through the magic of Google Hangouts) and interview him about how his clients reach success faster than any typical small business.

Go warm up last night’s leftovers and take a watch:

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