Wordfence announced yesterday that they are seeing a marked increase in malware sightings on sites on many of GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting services. They’ve provided details including how to tell if your site is infected on their blog here: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2022/03/increase-in-malware-sightings-on-godaddy-managed-hosting/.

wpXPRESS member sites are security-hardened and monitored 24/7 for known malware and other vulnerabilities. The backdoor used to spread this latest malware attack has been in the wild for at least 7 years so we’re confident that our member sites are protected. That said, we’ve been recommending against GoDaddy hosting for a while now and leaving their servers vulnerable to a backdoor attack that’s been known for years is another strike against them in our book.

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