How Does Google Know If I Update Content On My Website?

This is a common question I get all the time, especially as I coach individuals how to do content marketing. They type out a post on their website and they wait. Does Google even know they posted that? The short answer is, yeah, they do.

Google is the king of the internet and they have “Googlebots” constantly scanning for new content online and they will find that content relatively quickly. If not within the day it could be within the hour after posting that content and it’s getting faster and faster. So, rest assured that when you post something on your website or you change and update content, Google will quickly recognize it.

Now, a simple way to see what Google has indexed on your website is to go to Google and type in “site:” followed by your website’s URL (i.e. It will show you all the pages that Google has indexed from your website. That’s a simple way to know if Google is indexing your content.

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