How Can I Improve My Website’s Mobile Customer Experience?

This one of hundreds of videos that we’ve created to answer one of the most common questions about website development for small business owners.

Today’s question is, “How can a small business owner improve their customer’s experience when they’re looking on their website on a mobile device.” This is a great question because the majority of the internet is actually looking through a mobile device. As I go and consult with different small businesses, some that hired us to do the design for their website and they review the design, majority of them are at their desk so they go to their desktop to look at that website and make certain opinions about that design. The reality is, it’s important to go to your mobile devices to look at how that design looks and to understand the customer experience people are having.

When somebody is on a mobile device, it’s much more different than desktop because on a mobile device people would rather flick than click. We’ve all seen archaic websites, where you have to use two fingers and zoom in and then click with a fat finger, hopefully you hit the right thing. But obviously in this Facebook world, where people are flicking rather than clicking, it’s important for a small business owner to have a website that is easy to flick through the information, rather than going layer to layer through a series of clicks.

So, we generally design our websites or encourage small businesses to design their website in a one-page format. That does not mean the website will only have one page but it’s generally designed in a very long format so that it’s information built upon information, and that users can flick through that information rather than click through that information.

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