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About Our WordPress Maintenance Memberships

How much do your Member Care Plans cost?

We have three different plans to fit the level of care required for your website. For details see our Lunar and Titan Plans here or our Interstellar Plan if you need a new website with no huge upfront investment.

Is there really no long-term contract?

All subscriptions are month-to-month. You can cancel your wpXPRESS membership at any time. We’ll probably be sad that we don’t get to work with you anymore. Other than that, there’s really no baggage to deal with on the Lunar and Titan plans if you decide membership is just not working for you. (There may be a buyout fee if you leave the Interstellar plan early.)

Can I request changes to my website?

Of course. That’s one of the main things we do for our members: update the content of your site. Your membership includes daily 30-minute content updates on the Titan and Interstellar plans and monthly updates on the Lunar plan. Need to add a staff member? Just email us their photo, name, and bio. Need a new location added? Just send over the new address and store name. Want an urgent wording change? Shoot us an email. We take care of all that kind of stuff for you.

Do you do search engine optimization (SEO)?

While we are not SEO consultants, we install and configure the All in One SEO Pro plugin* on your Titan or Interstellar plan site. This helps optimize your content for Google search ranking. If you already use an SEO plugin and prefer to keep it, can help you optimize its settings.

On our Titan and Lunar plans, we will help you claim and optimize your Google My Business and Facebook listings, plus 1 other such as Yelp or Angie’s list.

If you need more advanced SEO, such as regular content writing, link building, etc, we can refer you to some great SEO companies and work with them to implement their strategy on your site.

Can you integrate an email newsletter with my website?

We can install and configure an email newsletter signup option on your website and integrate it with most email marketing solutions (eg. MailChimp, Aweber, Drip, etc). For Titan and Interstellar members, we can install MailPoet Pro allowing your website to manage both your mailing list and your newsletters without using an outside service.

How do I contact you?
The best and fastest way to reach us is through our Contact page.
Do you offer hosting?

wpXPRESS-managed cloud hosting is included in our Titan and Interstellar plans and is available as a paid add-on with the Lunar plan.

Can I change my plan after I sign-up?

Yes, we want the best fit for you or your company. So we’re happy to adjust your plan as needed. Just let us know and we can get that taken care of for you.

How will I be billed?

Your chosen payment method will be billed monthly, usually on the day of the month you started your membership. You’ll also receive a receipt showing the date and amount billed.

What types of payment do you accept?

You can use almost any kind of credit or debit card processed via Stripe or your PayPal account. 

What are your normal response and resolution times?

We almost always respond within 24hrs to your initial request. Often we’re able to complete your task before we respond. We monitor your website for downtime and error messages and our notification that we’ve fixed a problem might be the first you’ve heard about it. Other requests may require more than 30-minutes of work on our part or require additional information from you, and so could take several days to complete.

What’s included in your unlimited edits?
Want a post published? Need a staff member added? A new product listed? Or perhaps you want your logo changed, or the layout of your site tweaked, or maybe a little snippet of code implemented. That’s all included. Anything we can complete in 30 minutes is considered 1 “job” and you get as many jobs as you need. However, we don’t do things that take tons of time like redesigning your whole site, writing posts or other content, designing a new logo, or custom development projects.
What's the difference between the Lunar and Titan plans?

They are very similar, the main difference is that the Titan plan includes our cloud hosting as well. Since we get even more involved to manage and maintain your hosting, that plan costs a little more. But it means even less hassle for you.

If you’re happy with your hosting, then the Lunar plan is probably the best fit.

Are there limits to the tasks you can handle?
To keep support requests reasonable, we offer unlimited 30-minute content changes and edit jobs. This includes things like adding photos, updating written content, posting a blog post provided by you, 
Will you support more than one site?
Yes, we can manage all your websites. Our plans are set-up for one website, but you can add as many plans as you would like. 
How does onboarding work?
Becoming a member is a simple process, just fill out this short form. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be taken to another form where you can securely submit the login information for your site. After we have received that, we’ll begin connecting and optimizing your website. It usually takes about 48hrs on business days. We’ll let you know when that process is complete, and you can then request any edits, changes, or tweaks you want us to take care of.
What kind of security do you provide?
We install and configure iThemes Security Pro. It’s one of the very best WordPress security plugins, but it also manages to not be too “heavy” and slow your site down. We also setup daily Malware scanning, and backup your website on the cloud. You can feel at ease knowing your site will always be secure and can quickly be restored, should anything go wrong.
Do you manage Ecommerce websites?

Yes! We love WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads sites. We include licensing for WooCommerce and a variety of WC extensions in the Ecommerce Add-on to our Titan plan.

Do you manage Podcast websites?
Yes! We love listening to Podcasts, and will support, setup, and manage your podcast, using either the Blubrry PowerPress or Seriously Simple Podcasts plugins.
Does it matter what hosting provider I use?
It doesn’t matter as far as your wpXPRESS membership is concerned. We can maintain and manage WordPress websites on any hosting provider. However, you may want to change providers if your provider is using outdated software (like PHP 5.5 or lower) or is slow. If you decide you want to change, we can make recommendations, and even help migrate your site to the new host.
Where is your team located?

Our team is currently located in the United States and in the Philippines, which allows for round-the-clock support.

* Some features in the FAQ may only apply to certain plans. Compare our plans here.

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