Eduardo (Eduard) Quiobe Jr.

Hi, my name is Eduardo (Eduard) Quiobe Jr.

Chief Engineer / wpXPERT

Resolving Customer Issues

Who Am I?

I’m a 22 year old Filipino boy who grew up shy and fascinated with technology, especially with computer applications and how they work. In my junior year, my father bought my sister and I a personal desktop. With that I was introduced to publishing, graphic design, and basic web development and design. I created my first website (local) using HTML and CSS with the help of YouTube and Google.

I also love attending workshops that focuses on Web Development, Machine Learning and Data Science. I love exploring what we can do with the current technology. I have also attended Google DevCon Summit here in the Philippines.

Things I like and traits

  • I consider myself as an introvert.
  • I often overthink things. That is why I am extra cautious at times and sometimes.
  • I am shy on camera and in person.
  • I love playing guitar and video games ( FPS and strategy games).
  • I love having pets. I have 4 dogs, 8 cats and I have a fishpond in my backyard!
  • I love riding motorcycles!

Pictures of my favorite things!



wpXPRESS is my first and official Job and I am very grateful. In the past, I have worked part time with some local companies that deal with Machine Learning and Web Development

This company has been teaching me how to deal with customers with utmost care and compassion. Moreover, I embody the principles of wpXPRESS that highly prioritize customers’ concern, focusing only on the essentials to resolve issues.

I love how this company has helped me in improving web development skills, time management and communication skills.

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