Do I need a desktop and a mobile website for my small business?

This is one of hundreds of videos that I make to answer the most commonly asked questions related to small business design. Today’s question is, “Do I need a desktop website and a mobile website?” This is a very good question because 5 or 10 years ago you did. You needed two websites that looked good on a desktop computer and looked good on a mobile device for those people with really fat fingers. But today it’s going to hurt you more than help you if you have two separate websites because Google is going to see those two separate websites as two different entities online. It’s almost as if you’ve created a competitor for your business from your own business because Google will try to figure out which would rank higher, and the best option to do is to go with a responsive website.

Most web designers and developers if you have a good one is going to know what a good responsive website is and how it’s functioning with your website. What this means is if somebody goes to your website on a desktop it’s going to display beautifully on that large screen. If they go to that same website on an iPad or an android phone it’s going to respond to that device and look fantastic even with people with fat fingers. We love you fat finger people!

Your designer doesn’t know what we are talking about?

Here at wpXPRESS, we help people with their WordPress websites and complicated stuff like making it mobile-friendly. We’d love to help you on that. All you need to do is sign up for one of our membership plans, and we’ll handle all kinds of technical stuff on your website, for you.

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